Monday, August 9, 2010

Woody and Buzz

For Caleb's birthday, Nana bought him a Buzz doll. He loved it and would occasionally play with it. It was definitely the toy he played with the most. He just wasn't that in to playing with toys.

One day, we were at the Disney store and they were having their Twice Upon a Year sale. The Toy Story toys were all on sale. Caleb wanted Woody. We carried Woody all the way to the front of the store before deciding not to buy him (since this was pretty soon after we threw out a bunch of toys and I didn't see a point in buying him new toys if he wasn't going to play with them). At the checkout, I asked Caleb if he was going to play with Woody or if we should put him back. He said to put him back.

Soon after that, Caleb was rather upset we didn't buy Woody. He kept telling me that he hadn't said to put him back, but that he'd said to put him in the bag. I wasn't convinced enough to go back to the store and buy Woody.

One morning last month, Buzz peaked over the edge of my bed and asked me if we could go get his friend Woody who was trapped in the store. I was almost convinced.

Then Nana came out to visit us the other week and bought Caleb a Woody doll. Caleb is so in love! He plays with Woody and Buzz all the time now. He plays with Woody the most, but usually with the two of them together. And I mean, he actually plays with his toys now. If only I'd known this was the secret to getting him to play with his toys, I definitely would have gone back for Woody a whole lot sooner.

Thank you Nana!


Patti said...

Woody in the mailbox cracked me up! Looks like it was Sunday when you took these pix, and Caleb is wearing a different shirt than usual. So cute! I'm glad the magic hasn't worn off yet with Woody. You can tell him that was his great grandpa's nickname. I wonder if he'd think that was funny.
I was happy to make Caleb happy! He's welcome, and so are you!

Cheryl said...

Hilarious and so darn cute!