Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Last week, something happened that made me cry all day long. We buzzed my child's head. If you know Caleb (or even frequent our blog), you know he has crazy hair. His hair is always sticking up in weird ways. Strangers comment on his crazy hair all the time. Everyone loves it, despite its craziness, probably because of its craziness. But in an effort to tame the crazy, we buzzed it.

I left the room halfway through because I was crying. It was worse than the first time we ever cut his hair (and he was seventeen months then). The rest of the day, whenever I looked at my bald baby, I started crying again. He's just not my little baby anymore.

But I'm getting used to it.

Yesterday, Caleb and I went to the park across the street from our current home so that I could take pictures of the new hairdo. Well, that's why I went and why I suggested to him that we go to the park. Caleb, of course, simply thought we were there to play.

The first thing he wanted to play on was the seesaw/teeter totter.

Now on to the rest of the toys.

Caleb loves to swing "higher." He laughs and laughs and keeps asking me to push him higher until he almost falls out of the swing.

The thing he's standing on in the pictures below is a bouncy thing. This is the first one I've seen at a playground. Caleb loved it.

When we first buzzed it, I was sure he was no longer cute. I still feel that way to some degree. It used to be that he'd get into trouble but then get right back out of trouble because he was so darn cute. Now when he gets in trouble, he stays in trouble. But I'm getting used to the haircut and I still think he's cute. Just not in a cute baby way. Or even a cute toddler way. He's a cute boy now.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Soccer at the Park

The last week we were in California, Caleb and I went to the park a lot. Everyone in the house was sick, and since I was one of two (possibly three -- out of like sixteen) who didn't get sick, I figured we needed the fresh air. Not to mention, the weather was nice and warm during the day time.

We often took Caleb's new little soccer ball. We'd usually start out kicking the ball around before Caleb got distracted by the slides and other toys.

On to the slide. Even Harley joined in on the fun.

Some days, there were tons of other kids playing at the park too. Caleb LOVES other kids, especially if they are older than he is. He always wants them to play with him. He shows no fear going up to other children and asking them to play, or simply joining in on the game. Now he's come to believe that there should always be children at the park and is disappointed if we go to the park and we're the only ones there.

Random California

Here are a few more random pictures from while we were in California over the holidays. I think they were all taken Christmas eve during the day time. Or at least, that's what folder I put them in on my computer.

Caleb loved his Uncle Rick so very much. Even now that we're back in Arizona, he still asks if we can go to Uncle Rick's house.

Caleb learned to play the Wii while we were there. Normally if we're playing while he's around, we'll give him a remote that isn't on, or one of the wheels for Mario Kart, and let him think he's playing when he's not playing at all. In California, he not only got to use a remote that was on, but learned how to push all the necessary buttons in order to play the games he wanted.

He loved having so many people to play with all the time. He has a hard time with names and considering how many people we were around, it was impressive to me which names he did learn. Phil (below) was one of the first ones to stick in his name memory. Last night I asked Caleb a great multitude of questions, one of which was who his favorite cousin was. He answered without hesitation, "Mark" which surprised me since Mark was one of the names he struggled to remember, getting it right half the time and not being able to remember the other half.

A picture of Harley doing what he spends most of his life doing.

I've become addicted to Facebook and often neglect my blog (as if that even needed to be said -- it's evident by the lack of posting that this blog is neglected). Here are a few pictures I took while we were in California that you would have already seen if we're friends on Facebook. But for those of you who aren't part of the addiction, here you go.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

New Years Eve

Here's some pics of our rockin' New year's eve party.

Then the ball dropped...or rather, midnight hit and we watched a tape recording of the ball having actually dropped three hours earlier. Either way, much kissing ensued.

Happy 2010 everyone!

California Girls

Christmas morning we went to Irvine to see my family. My aunt Marta gave Caleb a soccer ball for his present, so we headed outside to play. I figured we'd just find a grassy spot to kick the ball around, but instead we found a little park with some toys. Needless to say, the soccer ball was quickly forgotten. So instead, here are a bunch of pictures of Caleb, Nora and Sara playing on the toys (with guest appearances by Harley and my uncle David).

And one of cute Mia.