Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Post Birthday Wrap-Up

Even though I already told you all that we went to the Cheesecake Factory for lunch yesterday, I thought I'd post this delicious looking photo of the cheesecake I ordered. Godiva chocolate with fresh strawberries specially requested -- hey, it was my birthday afterall. I can make special requests.

The rest of the night went mostly great. My friend and her husband came over to babysit, but since Caleb was already in bed, they just watched tv. It's actually how I bribed them to babysit since they don't have cable out here and we do. Caleb was an angel and didn't make a single peep while they were here.

Brandon and I went out to dinner at BJ's. Yes, the same BJ's that they have in California. We absolutely love their pizza, and the pizookies of course. But last night we thought we'd try something different. After eating, we both regretted our decision. Neither of us felt well. It was still so nice being out with my husband and not having to worry about our little baby.

And a special thanks to all those of you who remembered my birthday. I loved the presents, phone calls, and emails. It's always nice to be noticed. :)

Monday, July 30, 2007

Birthday Presents

Today has been a great birthday so far. This morning, Brandon showered me with presents. I had made him a list of things I wanted, and since he loves me so much, he bought all but one thing (you gotta save something for Christmas, right?). I was so beyond delighted. There was even one thing that I wanted desperately that he thought was a silly present, but he got it for me anyway because he knew how much I wanted it. Such a good husband.

He offered to take the day off of work, since I'm way more important, but I insisted that he go. After all, we only have five weeks left here and then we'll be together ALL the time. (I'm so excited for that -- those eight months are so heavenly.) Instead, Brandon made me breakfast before he had to leave for his meeting this morning.

I went out to lunch at the Cheesecake Factory (my favorite restaurant) with some of the other girls that are out here for the summer. My friend Michelle was super sweet and paid for my lunch. For dessert, a Godiva chocolate cheesecake with fresh strawberries on it. So divine.

The others had to get back home afterwards, but Michelle came with me to Kiddie Kandids. I had a coupon for a free 8x10 and wanted to get Caleb's picture taken since he is getting so much cuter and bigger every day.

Caleb was a trooper, despite the fact that he was so tired (only one nap all day today). He was fussy, but still gave the photographers several cute smiles. I thought it was a super sweet birthday present for him to give to me.

Now, the baby's in bed and I'm waiting for my husband to come home so we can go out to dinner together. We're even getting a babysitter so as not to disturb Caleb's sleep. (Well, my friend Jenn is coming over. Not that she should have to do much with the baby in bed already.) But I'm looking forward to spending the evening out with my hubby. Don't get to do that much anymore these days.

Here are a few more cute pics from today's photo shoot.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Happy Pre-Birthday to me

Samuel called me tonight to wish me a happy birthday tomorrow. While we were talking, I asked him about Caleb rolling over, since he'd only done it that one time like a month ago. Sara rolled over back in the beginning of May, when she was like three months. Maybe three and a half. And Caleb's four months now. Samuel said not to be concerned, it's normal up till six months not to roll yet.

After I got off the phone, Caleb was lying on Brandon's lap and decided to roll over. We were so excited. But we weren't sure if it was another fluke. After all, Brandon's lap was slightly inclined, making it possible that Caleb had fallen as Brandon shifted his weight. So Brandon put Caleb back on his back at the end of his lap and Caleb totally rolled over again. Then Brandon tried it again, making his legs as straight as possible, so that Caleb was actually rolling on his own and not just the gravity pulling him down. And Caleb rolled a third time! What a good little baby and such a great birthday present.

After that though, he was exhausted and just wanted to go to bed.

Take Me Out to the Ballgame

Today was Caleb's first baseball game. We went and saw the Houston Astros play the San Diego Padres. We showed up a little late, somewhere in the top of the second, and the Astros were already down 11-0. So it's no surprise that they ended up losing the game. Final score: San Diego 18 - Astros 11.

At least it was eventful. Much better than a loss of 1-0 or something. That would have been a boring game. But today's was rather exciting. Maybe even a little too exciting.

Caleb loved it at first. All the things to look at. The excitement in the air. Lots of different crazy people. Life couldn't have been better for that baby. In fact, it was so good, that we couldn't get him to look at the camera to take his picture. He just wanted to look around at everything.

Then, the Astros started to rally. And it got loud. Really loud. I've never heard a ball field get so loud. I think it might have been that the stadium has a retractable roof that was closed today, trapping the noise in (and keeping the rain out). Caleb didn't mind the noise at first. It was just one more new and exciting thing to take in.

After a while though, it all became too much for him. Beyond overstimulation. I tried walking him around, but there was still so much to look at. He did better with that, but I could tell that he needed a break.

Brandon tried to get him to go to sleep. Considering how poorly Caleb's been napping this week, it was quite the bold attempt. He had a theory that if Caleb couldn't see anything, he'd go to sleep. As cute as he looked with his hat over his eyes, he didn't go to sleep.

So instead, I fed him. He fell asleep that way, but when I tried to take him off, the crowd started roaring again and he freaked out and woke up. Brandon tried a new approach, same theory in mind. With the blanket over his head, Caleb finally went to sleep, despite all the noise. We tried to keep him cool by blowing a spray bottle fan on him the entire time.

The whole thing was a lot of fun. I love going out. And I really love seeing ballgames live. But this one was even more fun having my cute little family with me. They make everything in life more fun.

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Who's baby is that?

Because the other post I just wrote didn't have a picture, I thought I should add another.

This picture was taken on my cell phone last week when Caleb turned four months old. I swear it doesn't look a thing like him. Sure, it still looks enough like him that it's believable that it's a picture of my kid, but he doesn't look like that at all to me.

Still a cute picture though, don't you think?

Looking Back

A year ago today, I found out I was pregnant. We had been trying for ten months. And almost every month, I would get my emotions so wound up, hoping I was pregnant, only to find out I wasn't. The first time my period was five days late, I was convinced this was it. We were on vacation, so I didn't take a pregnancy test until we got home. It said negative and I immediately started my period. That type of timing went on for the next several months.

I had felt very strongly about the month of March and was sure, when I wasn't pregnant before then, that I would get pregnant in March. That's when I went eight weeks between periods. Still all the pregnancy tests said I wasn't pregnant.

By the time June came around, I decided to start taking my temperature so that I would know when I ovulated. Normally, that happens two weeks after your last period. Mine was four. I didn't think I could possibly be pregnant, so I ended up waiting three weeks from ovulation before taking a test. I couldn't handle another negative.

The day before, I remember feeling a little bit queasy. My boobs had been hurting really bad, my emotions had been so out of whack, and I had been craving fruit all week. So I decided I'd better succumb and take the test.

Brandon and I were so excited when it turned out we were finally going to have a baby. I wanted my mom to be the first person we told, but since she was on a cruise at the time, we emailed her a picture of Brandon holding the test. So I guess that made Holly the first person I actually told. Following that, I told all the other wives out in Colorado for the summer, and then Samuel called and I told him. Brandon told his family, but we decided to hold off on telling the rest of mine until my birthday. I figured anyone that loved me enough to call me on my birthday was worthy of hearing our great news (and since it was only a difference of two days, it wasn't that big of a deal). I know some people like to wait until they're twelve weeks to tell, but there's no way we could keep such a huge secret to ourselves. And I was convinced that after ten months of nothings, this one was gonna stick.

As it turned out, Caleb was born in March, so my feelings for that month weren't entirely off. I just wasn't as in tune as I should have been. Otherwise I could have saved myself a whole lot of heartbreak in the mean time.

Now, having Caleb is such a delight in my life. He is getting so big and I miss my little baby whom I could just cuddle up with all the time. Today he took pity on me, knowing how much I miss that, and was extra cuddly. Sometimes being a parent is so hard. And other times, I can't think of anything better or more rewarding to do with my life.

I just love that little baby so much. And I'm positive that he came to us at the precise time he was meant to come.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Pulling an All-Dayer

It was only a few weeks ago that I was complaining about my child not sleeping at night. Now, miracle of miracles, Caleb has slept through the night the last two nights in a row. It's been so beyond pleasant. The first night he did it, I woke up and looked at the clock and was so happily surprised. Most definitely the best pre-birthday present I've gotten.

As payback for those blessed nights, Caleb's now refusing to nap during the day. Yesterday he took a half an hour nap all day long. Today, he wouldn't go down for the longest time, despite all the many things we tried. Once he finally fell asleep, he slept for several hours. But still only one nap today.

But you have to admit, he is rather precious when he finally does sleep.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Don't talk with your mouth full

Caleb's developed an annoying habit of pulling off when he's eating, then wanting right back on. He grunts at us all the time it seems, especially when he's eating. He arches his back, pulls his head back (without letting go) and grunts. It's so annoying. The worst part about it is that I know he's hungry and if I try to stop feeding him, he just cries and cries. I don't know what to do.

Sometimes I think having a baby is just too hard. I have no idea what I'm doing.

In other Caleb related news, he has now found his feet. Well, foot. He grabs on to his left foot whenever he isn't wearing any pants -- especially when I'm changing his diaper. :)

He also has started sticking his tongue out at me all the time. I'm trying not to take it personally.

I asked Brandon if he thought our little turtle was turning into a lizard and he said definitely lizard.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Four months old

Today Caleb turned four months old. It's hard to imagine that he's already so big. I remember when he was like six weeks old and how hard that age was. We asked several people we know with kids when the baby would start to be fun, since six weeks just wasn't fun. We got several different answers (it seems the less interaction dads have with their babies, the longer it is till they think babies are fun), but the most popular seemed to be not until three months. At the time, I felt like Caleb would never get there. And now here he is, four months old, and so much fun.

To celebrate his birthday (month day?), Caleb decided he wanted to sleep and eat all day. I know, vastly different from every other day, right? I didn't mind, since that meant that I got to read Harry Potter all day. I tried really hard to pay attention to Caleb when he was awake, but at least I got to read the first few hundred pages.

Caleb really is getting cuter and cuter. When he first started smiling, it took so much effort to get a smile out of him. In a way, it was more rewarding since all that hard work payed off so beautifully. Now, all I have to do sometimes is look at him and say hi and I get a smile in response. Which is way better than all that work. And even though he's bigger now and doesn't need to be held all the time, he's still a really cuddly baby, which I love. Whether I've trained him that way, or whether he came preprogrammed to cuddle, I don't know. But I wanted a cuddly baby and we definitely have one.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

So a duck walks into a bar...

My husband often asks me, "How did you get to be so funny?" And truth be told, I just don't know. My sense of humor isn't really like anyone else's in my family. And it's not at all like Brandon's. Just my own sense of self.

But with Caleb, I've totally had to take it up a notch, since he never laughs. He makes lots of happy noises and often squeals in delight, but nothing that I really consider laughing. At least, not the way normal people laugh. One of my friends out here tried to tell me that his happy noise is his way of laughing, but it just sounds like a happy noise.

That is, until today. Today, I finally got my baby to laugh. He was making his happy noises and then all of a sudden, a laugh slipped in. Brandon was getting ready for work, so he heard it too. Which means it definitely happened. And more than once even.

To make sure it was really real (and not like that one fluke time that he rolled over and hasn't ever done it again), I waited a little while, then tried to get him to laugh again. I must have been telling some great jokes this morning, because he kept on laughing at me. It was the cutest thing he's ever done.

What was the joke? It went something like this: "Rah rah rah rah rah. Rah rah rah rah." I guess you had to be there. It's all in the delivery.

(This picture was taken on my cell phone this morning, so it's not the best quality. But hey, it's all I had handy.)

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Grocery Shopping

Life in Texas isn't very exciting. At least, not for Caleb and me. Our great grand adventure outside our apartment today consisted of a trip to Walmart to buy groceries. And what an adventure it was.

When Caleb was teeny tiny, he slept all the time, so taking him places was never a problem. Although, when he was that little, it still hurt to walk, so there was that. Then he got a little bigger and started to be awake more hours. I guess he heard several strangers refer to him as a "she," so he decided to be as boyish as possible and hate shopping. Whenever we went shopping, he'd wake up and cry till we took him out of his carseat, forcing us to carry him the rest of the time we were in the store.

That lovely phase was followed by the even lovelier phase of constant crying every time we were in a store. Nothing would stop the crying, not even picking him up. He would just cry and cry until I left the store. And I mean the very first second I left the store. It was instantaneous results with that kid. The second I walked outside with him, he'd always stop crying. As if to say he really did hate shopping.

After that, we bought a stroller and life has been wonderful since. Caleb loves the stroller and never makes a peep if we go shopping with it. If he ever starts to get a little bit fussy, we move the stroller around a bit more and he's happy again. It's just such a smooth ride.

The only downside of the stroller is that it's only helpful for grocery shopping if you have two people doing the shopping. Because otherwise, the stroller only holds so much.

So today, since I was all alone and we had absolutely no food in our house, making grocery shopping a definite must, Caleb and I ventured out to Walmart. Instead of using the stroller, I stuck his carseat in the big part of the shopping cart. And he did amazing! Not a single sad noise out of his mouth. In fact, he even had happy noises and tons of smiles to share with all the other shoppers. I think there may be hope for this kid after all. :)

And because I figure that the few people who read this blog only do it for the pictures of our cute baby, here's a picture of Caleb's first beach experience back in June when we went to visit California. Yes, that's right, he slept through the whole thing. And sadly, we haven't been to a beach since.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

A Future Model?

I think it's admirable all those other parents out there who show such dedication to their own children by insisting that their kids are as cute as ours. Because truth be told, Caleb is the absolute cutest baby ever. I'm convinced of it.

Because he is so beyond adorable, I can't help but take his picture all the time. Sometimes he's really cooperative. Other times, he thinks it's the worst game in the world. Actually, each photo shoot usually has both temperaments in it and several in between.

I try not to be too mean of a mom and force my kid to do things he doesn't want to do. But I think I have a little bit of that crazy stage mom syndrome in me because I totally think he belongs in front of the camera. Although, for now (and possibly for always), I'll settle for being the one behind the camera instead of sending him off into the cruel world of modeling.

A few more cute faces:

Daddy, isn't she ever going to stop taking my picture?

Seriously Mom, I'm done with this game.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Look Who's Talking

This morning Caleb started blabbering away. He's been making noises for a while now, but nothing like this. He spent the whole morning talking to himself. Maybe he'll grow up to be a politician or a lawyer or somebody else who really likes hearing the sound of his own voice. :)

(The jostle in the beginning is from Caleb kicking me.)

And he reaches!

Caleb has finally discovered the fun trick of reaching for things. It started on Friday. Well, actually, he's been playing with the toys on his bouncy chair for a while now, but wasn't reaching for anything else really. Friday he was actively trying to reach for one of the toys on his activity mat (as shown in this first video clip).

Saturday, the reaching game was full blown. I like to shake my hair in the baby's face. He likes it too -- maybe cuz then he can pretend he has hair of his own -- and often smiles at me when I do it. Well, Saturday, he totally reached with both hands to grab my hair, which he'd never done before. I'm just lucky he doesn't pull yet. :)

Now he's a reaching machine. He's still really shaky and doesn't have much coordination, but he'll take anything we offer him. Usually, once he grabs a hold of something, it goes straight in his mouth. But that's still cute too at this point.

This second video was taken on Brandon's phone on Sunday. As per usual, once Caleb saw the phone, he didn't care much about his toy anymore.

Friday, July 13, 2007

The handy dandy cell phone

Some of Caleb's best smiles have been captured by cell phone. I don't know how we ever lived without picture phones. Then again, I guess we didn't have a baby back then either.

Smile Contest

Looking at all the pictures I've posted thus far, I realize that there aren't enough of Caleb smiling. Well, only one. He really does smile a lot. It's just hard for me to get good pictures since once he sees the camera, he stops smiling.

I do believe, however, that Brandon gets the best smiles out of Caleb. So I thought I'd post a few and see what people think. I know it's kind of a biased battle since I'm always the one taking the pictures and it's a lot easier to take a picture of Caleb smiling when someone else is getting him to smile.

These were taken on the fourth of July. Obviously, since he's wearing his cute USA baby onesie. This first one was taken during our mommy-baby photo shoot while Daddy was still at work.

The second one was for Daddy later that day.

Okay, batch number two was taken three days ago.I was photographing Caleb, since it's one of my favorite things to do and he was wearing this cute onesie that says "Mommy's New Man."

Then Brandon came home from his meeting and got Caleb to smile while we were practicing rolling over. Which is an impressive feat considering Caleb hates being on his tummy.

And one more smile for Mommy just because it's cute.

Proof Positive

This video was taken a couple weeks ago. Brandon had already "walked" Caleb from his bedroom to ours before I got out my phone to record it. So Caleb was a little tired by then.

He has to be in the mood to stand like that, since it does take a lot of effort on his part. It's hard balancing all that weight, not to mention just holding up his head.

I took this one today on Brandon's phone. Brandon had just gotten back from his work meeting and only had a couple of minutes before he needed to leave. Normally we wait for Caleb to be in the mood to stand, which he wasn't at the moment, but I wanted a new video. So, Caleb's not at his best, since he's in need of a nap, but still...

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Holding on

Caleb and I went for a walk today to check the mail. Caleb absolutely loves being outside and seeing all the wonderful sights. But because it's so hot and humid in Texas, we don't get to enjoy being outside nearly enough. I try to wait till later in the evening to take him outside and even then we have to keep our adventures short. Otherwise he gets heat rashes.

Well, the mail boxes are up in the front of the complex, so it's a good little walk for us. Before we left, we had been playing with these linking letters -- cutely connected to spell out Caleb. We've been practicing getting him to reach for things. He's getting better. He'll grab anything that comes in his range, but still doesn't reach for most things outside his immediate area. He will play with the toys on his bouncy chair, but if I dangle something for him, he just thinks I'm silly. Anyway, we were playing with the letters. He got a hold of them and held on tight. Then after a little while I decided we ought to go check the mail, since I hadn't checked it since sometime last week.

Out the door we went. I didn't even notice at first that Caleb still had a hold of his little toys. He carried them all the way to the mail room without letting go. Held on tight while I sorted through the junk and tossed the worst of it away. Didn't even think about dropping them as we sweated our way back to the apartment. I was so impressed. Yes, I get excited at the littlest things these days. But you have to admit, that's a long time for little fingers to carry a toy. At least, for Caleb's little fingers. He usually doesn't care about something enough to hold it for that long. He probably would have kept going too if I didn't take it out of his hand when it was time to feed him.

Oh, and more exciting baby news that's probably only exciting to me. So, as I was saying just a paragraph or two before, he doesn't really reach for things yet. Well, I was talking on the phone today and he started to fuss, so I tossed him a little soft book for him to chew on. It landed gently on his tummy and so he easily picked it up and stuck it in his mouth. But then later tonight, he was laying on his blanket on the floor again while I went to cycle the laundry and when I came back, he had the book in his hands. I was so excited. It's the first time he's ever picked up a toy that I didn't hand him in the first place. It was just lying there beside him and he saw it and must have thought "the horse on that book looks like fun to chew" and picked it right on up.

I bet to others, this seems like a rather boring day. But to me, these were the highlights.

Midnight Movie

So after all that complaining I did about Caleb not sleeping, he did a stellar job sleeping from the time we put him to bed last night until 7:30 this morning. How did we do it, you ask? Easy. He didn't get to bed until 3 a.m. Instead of letting him snooze in his portacrib, we took him to the midnight showing of Harry Potter.

Caleb loved it. Or at least, what he saw of it. We got there about 45 minutes early so that we could get good seats. Caleb loved looking around the theatre at all the people. He did start to get a little fussy at one point (maybe it was because I kept taking his picture and the flash would go off ten times before it took the picture, blinding everyone within a six row radius), so Brandon took him out to the concession stand to buy us treats.

Once the previews started, Caleb's eyes were locked on that screen. He was so entranced. As if he'd never seen anything more beautiful or fascinating. I wish I could have gotten a good picture of his face then, but it was too dark and the flash was killing people. The previews were so good, actually, that Caleb figured the movie would be a let down and went to sleep before it ever started. He woke up a few times while it was playing but was totally a good little baby. I don't know why I was so nervous to take him.

As for me, I loved the movie. If you haven't seen it yet, go see it. It's bloody brilliant. I actually didn't like the fifth book at all, but the fifth movie may be my favorite out of all of them (although I really did like the first one -- but they're so different it's hard to compare the two). Although, I do have to say, I think it'd be scary for little kids. It's definitely a dark movie; no real happy parts. Brandon even covered Caleb's eyes a couple of times when the baby was awake so that it wouldn't freak him out. Not that he would have understood...but still.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Sleepless Summer

Don't be deceived by the cute sleeping baby in the picture, Caleb hardly ever sleeps any more. The picture was taken back when he was two months old. Back when he still used to sleep.

Now I'm lucky if I get even one nap out of him in a day. He has no sort of schedule whatsoever. I'm baffled at how other people do it. So if you have a baby that sleeps, please let me in on the secret. Tell me how you do it.

Caleb and I went down to California in June for my niece's blessing. While we were there, Caleb was so good. He'd nap in Sara's swing without being fed first. He'd sleep in his carseat, his stroller, whatever. One night, he slept for seven and a half hours straight. Two nights later, he went eight in a row.

Then he got a cough and was up every two hours (sometimes sooner). The cough went away weeks ago, but he's still getting up every two to three hours. The only way we can get him back to sleep is if I nurse him. It probably wouldn't be so bad if there was another way, but this kid just loves to eat. He also only naps if he nurses to sleep. If he had his way, he'd never stop eating. All babies do is eat, sleep, and poop, right? Well, as Caleb can attest, you can sleep and poo while still eating. I think I'm gonna go out of my mind one of these days real soon.

The only reason I'm still sane is that he no longer needs to be held all the time. He can lay on the floor and play with his toys for a while so that I can get stuff done. That's been nice. Because as much as I like cuddling with my baby, he's getting awfully heavy these days. And after having that bout of pleurisy the other week, it's really hard for me to carry him around.

Anyway, enough complaining. I'm getting used to never sleeping. Sometimes I miss those 12 hour nights I used to sleep when I was pregnant, but I'd rather have Caleb in my life than sleep.

Monday, July 9, 2007

A little sucker

Like most babies, Caleb loves to suck on anything that crosses his path. I'll often place things on his tummy, like his stuffed giraffe or turtle or sometimes his burp rag, and he'll grasp onto it and pull it to his mouth. He's getting a lot better at being able to grab onto things, but still doesn't reach for anything outside his direct path.

Usually I carry him so that his head faces my shoulder. Within seconds, my shoulder will be completely soaked from him sucking/drooling on it.

Ever since he was born, before I feed him, I always give him kisses on his cheeks. He'll then turn his head toward me, his mouth wide open, to give me "kisses" back. Sometimes, when he's really hungry, if I hold him near my face, he'll start sucking on my cheek, just because it's there.

With his limited hand coordination, the thing that's usually easiest for him to suck on is his fingers. Don't worry -- we don't have a thumb sucker. Caleb prefers to suck on his first two fingers. He'll do it with either hand too. When he first started sucking on his hands, he'd try to shove his whole fist into his mouth. But now, it's just those two fingers. Sometimes we joke that this is the reason he spits up so much -- because he's bulimic. It might be true though considering he LOVES to eat and sometimes eats so much that he spits it all back up. Not my idea of fun. I had enough throwing up when I was pregnant with the kid.

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Sunday Smiles

Sundays are probably our favorite day of the week. That's because it's the only day of the week that Brandon doesn't have to work. With the crazy way his work schedule is during the summer, he only sees the baby during Caleb's cranky times: either Caleb's up in the middle of the night and crying, or he's awake early in the morning when Brandon and I both wish we were still sleeping, so we're cranky.

But Sundays are our own little piece of heaven. Sundays are the days that Caleb smiles his best smiles and makes his cutest noises. The first time he ever smiled was on a Sunday for Brandon. He also made his first laugh on a Sunday for Brandon (which he has yet to do for me). I absolutely love seeing my two boys playing together. In fact, I can think of nothing happier in life.

Whenever I'm feeling down or frustrated, Brandon will get the baby to smile and I just have to smile too. He's such a cute baby. We can't help but to love him. The other day, one of my friends here asked me what the best part of being a mom is and I think it's definitely when your own baby smiles up at you. There's nothing more precious or rewarding in life.

(The picture is from the first time Caleb smiled in response to us -- back on May 27th. Now he smiles for us all the time, but I still love this first picture the best.)

Saturday, July 7, 2007

Baby tricks

Okay, so Caleb does have a few "tricks" that he can do.

First, he can stand up like a champ. Brandon has been holding him in the palm of his hand since Caleb was a little baby. Our apartment here in Texas is shaped like a U with the bedrooms at either end. Last week, Brandon carried the baby from his room to ours, with Caleb standing up the whole time in Brandon's hands. Talk about talented -- how many people do you know that can do that?

His other recently developed talent is blowing bubbles. For a while there, he was simply drooling, but now he takes that drool and blows bubbles with it.

He also makes little raspberry noises with his mouth all the time. I guess all those zerberts his daddy's been giving him have finally rubbed off on him.

Friday, July 6, 2007

3 months

Caleb's now three months (actually he's three and a half months) and is just as cute as can be. He's been trying really hard to roll over. I've been practicing with him ever since we got back from California.

Last Saturday, I rolled him onto his stomach. After a little while he decided that wasn't any fun and rolled back onto his back. I was so excited. He hasn't done it again though. He's been using up all his energy trying to figure out how to roll from his back to his stomach.

But even without being able to do tricks, you have to admit he's the cutest baby ever.

Fourth of July

We had a great time on the fourth of July. Brandon had to work, but was able to get off early. APX had a BBQ. We ate lots of food and hung out with all our friends here in Texas.

Of course, our favorite thing to do is just to hang out together.

Caleb thought the best part of the day was just chillin' by the pool.

I guess he takes after his mommy that way. :)