Monday, July 16, 2007

And he reaches!

Caleb has finally discovered the fun trick of reaching for things. It started on Friday. Well, actually, he's been playing with the toys on his bouncy chair for a while now, but wasn't reaching for anything else really. Friday he was actively trying to reach for one of the toys on his activity mat (as shown in this first video clip).

Saturday, the reaching game was full blown. I like to shake my hair in the baby's face. He likes it too -- maybe cuz then he can pretend he has hair of his own -- and often smiles at me when I do it. Well, Saturday, he totally reached with both hands to grab my hair, which he'd never done before. I'm just lucky he doesn't pull yet. :)

Now he's a reaching machine. He's still really shaky and doesn't have much coordination, but he'll take anything we offer him. Usually, once he grabs a hold of something, it goes straight in his mouth. But that's still cute too at this point.

This second video was taken on Brandon's phone on Sunday. As per usual, once Caleb saw the phone, he didn't care much about his toy anymore.