Sunday, July 8, 2007

Sunday Smiles

Sundays are probably our favorite day of the week. That's because it's the only day of the week that Brandon doesn't have to work. With the crazy way his work schedule is during the summer, he only sees the baby during Caleb's cranky times: either Caleb's up in the middle of the night and crying, or he's awake early in the morning when Brandon and I both wish we were still sleeping, so we're cranky.

But Sundays are our own little piece of heaven. Sundays are the days that Caleb smiles his best smiles and makes his cutest noises. The first time he ever smiled was on a Sunday for Brandon. He also made his first laugh on a Sunday for Brandon (which he has yet to do for me). I absolutely love seeing my two boys playing together. In fact, I can think of nothing happier in life.

Whenever I'm feeling down or frustrated, Brandon will get the baby to smile and I just have to smile too. He's such a cute baby. We can't help but to love him. The other day, one of my friends here asked me what the best part of being a mom is and I think it's definitely when your own baby smiles up at you. There's nothing more precious or rewarding in life.

(The picture is from the first time Caleb smiled in response to us -- back on May 27th. Now he smiles for us all the time, but I still love this first picture the best.)