Friday, July 13, 2007

Smile Contest

Looking at all the pictures I've posted thus far, I realize that there aren't enough of Caleb smiling. Well, only one. He really does smile a lot. It's just hard for me to get good pictures since once he sees the camera, he stops smiling.

I do believe, however, that Brandon gets the best smiles out of Caleb. So I thought I'd post a few and see what people think. I know it's kind of a biased battle since I'm always the one taking the pictures and it's a lot easier to take a picture of Caleb smiling when someone else is getting him to smile.

These were taken on the fourth of July. Obviously, since he's wearing his cute USA baby onesie. This first one was taken during our mommy-baby photo shoot while Daddy was still at work.

The second one was for Daddy later that day.

Okay, batch number two was taken three days ago.I was photographing Caleb, since it's one of my favorite things to do and he was wearing this cute onesie that says "Mommy's New Man."

Then Brandon came home from his meeting and got Caleb to smile while we were practicing rolling over. Which is an impressive feat considering Caleb hates being on his tummy.

And one more smile for Mommy just because it's cute.


Patti said...

These pictures of Caleb are SO cute! What a handsome guy.
Love and kisses from Nana