Saturday, July 7, 2007

Baby tricks

Okay, so Caleb does have a few "tricks" that he can do.

First, he can stand up like a champ. Brandon has been holding him in the palm of his hand since Caleb was a little baby. Our apartment here in Texas is shaped like a U with the bedrooms at either end. Last week, Brandon carried the baby from his room to ours, with Caleb standing up the whole time in Brandon's hands. Talk about talented -- how many people do you know that can do that?

His other recently developed talent is blowing bubbles. For a while there, he was simply drooling, but now he takes that drool and blows bubbles with it.

He also makes little raspberry noises with his mouth all the time. I guess all those zerberts his daddy's been giving him have finally rubbed off on him.


tim.bigham said...

Hey ya'll,
Caleb looks very talented, standing on Brandon's hands and blowing bubbles. Great pics.
Tim & Sonja

Barbour said...

Just wait till you try feeding him food. Then the bubble blowing gets really fun. Teak loves my reaction when he blows bubbles in his food.

kristymccray said...

I showed this picture to Kristi and Josh (who are pregnant, by the way). Josh thinks the photo of Caleb standing is photoshopped--that no baby as young as Caleb could stand like that. So...? :)