Sunday, July 29, 2007

Take Me Out to the Ballgame

Today was Caleb's first baseball game. We went and saw the Houston Astros play the San Diego Padres. We showed up a little late, somewhere in the top of the second, and the Astros were already down 11-0. So it's no surprise that they ended up losing the game. Final score: San Diego 18 - Astros 11.

At least it was eventful. Much better than a loss of 1-0 or something. That would have been a boring game. But today's was rather exciting. Maybe even a little too exciting.

Caleb loved it at first. All the things to look at. The excitement in the air. Lots of different crazy people. Life couldn't have been better for that baby. In fact, it was so good, that we couldn't get him to look at the camera to take his picture. He just wanted to look around at everything.

Then, the Astros started to rally. And it got loud. Really loud. I've never heard a ball field get so loud. I think it might have been that the stadium has a retractable roof that was closed today, trapping the noise in (and keeping the rain out). Caleb didn't mind the noise at first. It was just one more new and exciting thing to take in.

After a while though, it all became too much for him. Beyond overstimulation. I tried walking him around, but there was still so much to look at. He did better with that, but I could tell that he needed a break.

Brandon tried to get him to go to sleep. Considering how poorly Caleb's been napping this week, it was quite the bold attempt. He had a theory that if Caleb couldn't see anything, he'd go to sleep. As cute as he looked with his hat over his eyes, he didn't go to sleep.

So instead, I fed him. He fell asleep that way, but when I tried to take him off, the crowd started roaring again and he freaked out and woke up. Brandon tried a new approach, same theory in mind. With the blanket over his head, Caleb finally went to sleep, despite all the noise. We tried to keep him cool by blowing a spray bottle fan on him the entire time.

The whole thing was a lot of fun. I love going out. And I really love seeing ballgames live. But this one was even more fun having my cute little family with me. They make everything in life more fun.