Tuesday, July 17, 2007

A Future Model?

I think it's admirable all those other parents out there who show such dedication to their own children by insisting that their kids are as cute as ours. Because truth be told, Caleb is the absolute cutest baby ever. I'm convinced of it.

Because he is so beyond adorable, I can't help but take his picture all the time. Sometimes he's really cooperative. Other times, he thinks it's the worst game in the world. Actually, each photo shoot usually has both temperaments in it and several in between.

I try not to be too mean of a mom and force my kid to do things he doesn't want to do. But I think I have a little bit of that crazy stage mom syndrome in me because I totally think he belongs in front of the camera. Although, for now (and possibly for always), I'll settle for being the one behind the camera instead of sending him off into the cruel world of modeling.

A few more cute faces:

Daddy, isn't she ever going to stop taking my picture?

Seriously Mom, I'm done with this game.


Patti said...

Goodness Kake, those are the cutest pictures ever. That first one is way way adorable. Gotta get that one in a frame! Keep the blogs a'comin'!
Love Mama

Mr Jo Bloggity said...

You don't want him to join the high-profile society of male modeling?

One day he might even build a school for children who can't read that good.

Barbour said...

he has gotten so much hair