Monday, July 9, 2007

A little sucker

Like most babies, Caleb loves to suck on anything that crosses his path. I'll often place things on his tummy, like his stuffed giraffe or turtle or sometimes his burp rag, and he'll grasp onto it and pull it to his mouth. He's getting a lot better at being able to grab onto things, but still doesn't reach for anything outside his direct path.

Usually I carry him so that his head faces my shoulder. Within seconds, my shoulder will be completely soaked from him sucking/drooling on it.

Ever since he was born, before I feed him, I always give him kisses on his cheeks. He'll then turn his head toward me, his mouth wide open, to give me "kisses" back. Sometimes, when he's really hungry, if I hold him near my face, he'll start sucking on my cheek, just because it's there.

With his limited hand coordination, the thing that's usually easiest for him to suck on is his fingers. Don't worry -- we don't have a thumb sucker. Caleb prefers to suck on his first two fingers. He'll do it with either hand too. When he first started sucking on his hands, he'd try to shove his whole fist into his mouth. But now, it's just those two fingers. Sometimes we joke that this is the reason he spits up so much -- because he's bulimic. It might be true though considering he LOVES to eat and sometimes eats so much that he spits it all back up. Not my idea of fun. I had enough throwing up when I was pregnant with the kid.