Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Grocery Shopping

Life in Texas isn't very exciting. At least, not for Caleb and me. Our great grand adventure outside our apartment today consisted of a trip to Walmart to buy groceries. And what an adventure it was.

When Caleb was teeny tiny, he slept all the time, so taking him places was never a problem. Although, when he was that little, it still hurt to walk, so there was that. Then he got a little bigger and started to be awake more hours. I guess he heard several strangers refer to him as a "she," so he decided to be as boyish as possible and hate shopping. Whenever we went shopping, he'd wake up and cry till we took him out of his carseat, forcing us to carry him the rest of the time we were in the store.

That lovely phase was followed by the even lovelier phase of constant crying every time we were in a store. Nothing would stop the crying, not even picking him up. He would just cry and cry until I left the store. And I mean the very first second I left the store. It was instantaneous results with that kid. The second I walked outside with him, he'd always stop crying. As if to say he really did hate shopping.

After that, we bought a stroller and life has been wonderful since. Caleb loves the stroller and never makes a peep if we go shopping with it. If he ever starts to get a little bit fussy, we move the stroller around a bit more and he's happy again. It's just such a smooth ride.

The only downside of the stroller is that it's only helpful for grocery shopping if you have two people doing the shopping. Because otherwise, the stroller only holds so much.

So today, since I was all alone and we had absolutely no food in our house, making grocery shopping a definite must, Caleb and I ventured out to Walmart. Instead of using the stroller, I stuck his carseat in the big part of the shopping cart. And he did amazing! Not a single sad noise out of his mouth. In fact, he even had happy noises and tons of smiles to share with all the other shoppers. I think there may be hope for this kid after all. :)

And because I figure that the few people who read this blog only do it for the pictures of our cute baby, here's a picture of Caleb's first beach experience back in June when we went to visit California. Yes, that's right, he slept through the whole thing. And sadly, we haven't been to a beach since.


Patti said...

Who says I read your blog only for the pictures? I don't just read picture books you know. Novels are good too. Glad to hear you get to eat again, at least temporarily.
Love, Mama

kristymccray said...

hey, you were in california and didn't tell me? especially when there was a new baby to be seen? that's it, we're fighting.

(just kidding, of course.)