Saturday, November 21, 2009

Post-Photo Shoot

Here's some more pictures we took after the photo shoot was over.

First up, Brandon, with guest appearances by Harley and Caleb.

Pictures of me and Caleb, taken by Brandon.

Beware of Dog

Yesterday we took some family photos. Caleb started a little shy. Took a few good photos. Then decided he was ready to go home after two minutes. The rest of the time we spent trying to convince him to come where we wanted, look at the camera, pretend to be happy. It was a battle. We'll see how the pictures turn out. If you can't wait for the finished results, here's a little tease.

Here are a few I snapped as we were headed back to our car.

I know you're terrified of our dog.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Harley's First Bath

I'm sure Harley had a bath at least once, but probably more, before he came to live with us. But this was his first bath with us. So of course, it had to be documented. I mean, he's our new baby right?

He did great. Not one single peep out of him while Brandon washed and dried him. And it was so cute to see him do the wet dog shake afterward. I mean, I know dogs do that, but I guess everything about having a dog seems new and exciting to us still.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Harley Report

Some pictures of Harley's first day with us:

We brought him straight into the bathroom where we had all of his things. We all stayed in there together, helping him get comfortable with his new life. His little tail was curled under his body, he was so scared. But it wasn't long before he was wagging his tail, happy to be with us.

We spent a lot of time playing outside. Harley really enjoyed eating the fallen leaves. We went for a couple little walks around our complex. Harley did great at keeping right by us. He's pretty much always right by our feet, inside the house or out.

The one time we put him on his leash, he hated it. It was so hard to get him to come where we wanted him to go, he was always fighting against the leash. So I gave up on it and took it off and he stayed right by our side, happy as could be.

Unfortunately, the lady that sold him to us came over later that day and told us that he shouldn't be outside where other dogs have been because he hasn't had his third shot yet. So we're stuck indoors with him for another two weeks.

Caleb has been so happy, especially that first day. He's fairly good with Harley. Gentle as he can be. Though he loves to carry Harley around instead of letting him walk, and Caleb's idea of carrying a dog is similar to how one would carry a football, tucked under one arm.

After taking the above photos of Caleb and Harley, Caleb insisted that I get out my "little camera" and take some more.

Then Caleb wanted to take a picture of his new puppy.

Harley has been great with Caleb. He doesn't bark or bite (though he nibbles when playing sometimes). He lets Caleb carry him around the house in the most uncomfortable looking ways without complaining. If he ever gets free from Caleb, he often runs to either me or Brandon as if he wants us to save him. But if Caleb leaves the room, Harley is distraught not knowing where Caleb has gone.

The only real problem we've had so far is that Harley doesn't like to be alone. Not during the day, not during the night. Brandon really didn't want him sleeping in our bed at night, but the first night Harley kept crying till I woke up and pulled him into bed. Then he slept the rest of the night without complaint (except when he fell behind the bed and got stuck).

Birthday Wishes

I filmed these a week ago (11/7) on my cell phone. Caleb had his little guitar out and started singing. I didn't tell him what to sing whatsoever. In fact, when I did try to get him to sing what I wanted, he wouldn't sing at all.

So here you go, a special song on a special day.

"Happy Birthday"

"I Want My Cake"

Friday, November 13, 2009

Our Family Grows

Meet the newest, and littlest, member of our family:


We got him this morning and we're all completely in love. Especially Caleb.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Still Buzzing

After Halloween was over, Caleb still wanted to wear his Halloween costume. We told him no on Sunday, but in order to convince him not to be upset by our no, Brandon said he could wear it the next day. First thing Monday morning, Caleb asks me if he can be Buzz.

So we drove around town running our errands with Caleb dressed up as Buzz Lightyear. We got lots of comments on what a cute boy he is. Which is true of course.

We went to a pumpkin patch to buy a pumpkin since the grocery stores no longer had any and I wanted to make pumpkin stew for dinner. Fortunately the pumpkin patch was still open even though Halloween was over.

Caleb was so upset when we had to leave. Though by the time we got home, he was so overheated from being Buzz all day, that he willingly changed out of his costume when I told him he had to because it was too hot.

Monday, November 2, 2009


Halloween day we went with the Crowleys to Cory's sister's neighborhood block party, then went trick or treating around her neighborhood.

Caleb loved being Buzz. It was good weather on Halloween. Maybe a smidgen too hot to be wearing a plastic costume. Caleb's cheeks were nice and rosy during the day. But that didn't stop him from being Buzz.

He loved to fly when he was Buzz. If anyone said the word "fly" he would be reminded that he needed to fly and we had to carry him so he could fly (as pictured above). But then Daddy made him fly for real.

Our Halloween cohorts, the Flintstones (aka the Crowleys).

Caleb enjoyed the games at the block party. They had a ton more than at our ward party. Caleb even ate chili for dinner this time.

After the party, we went trick or treating. It was a fancy neighborhood, so the houses were kind of far apart, which was tiring for such little legs. Caleb wouldn't carry his treat bag, so I carried it for him and then would hand it back to him at each door. He'd say trick or treat, get his candy, then turn to leave, immediately handing the bag back to me. We did about half the block when we got to a "scary" house that had dry ice blowing across the yard. Caleb and I walked halfway up the sidewalk to the house before he got too freaked out. So we turned around and left that house. After that, he insisted on being carried and really didn't want to trick or treat anymore. We circled back around the neighborhood only stopping at doors that weren't at all scary (though we let Naomi be the judge of what was scary since Caleb now thought they were all too scary). Though he wanted to be held, he was still willing to follow Naomi wherever she went.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Ward Halloween Party

Friday (10/30) was our ward Halloween party. Caleb's costume this year was borrowed from his cousin Trevor. I'd planned on making him a costume but when he tried on Buzz Lightyear for the first time, he was so super excited that we switched (plus then I didn't have to make a costume, so bonus there).

While dressed as Buzz, he refused to answer to Caleb and if you tried to call him Caleb, he'd correct you and say he was Buzz Lightyear.

Caleb only ate chips for dinner while the rest of us had chili.

After dinner, they had several games set up. There was also a moon bounce, but too many big kids were jumping in it that Caleb didn't want to go in. He was a little shy and timid playing the games, since there were so many big kids running around everywhere. But he did great waiting in line for his turn and loved when it was his turn to finally play.

Toss the ring around the witch's hat.

Candy bowling -- Caleb's favorite game which he played repeatedly.

Picking his prize (which half the time he didn't want to do).

Vampire Buzz.

After games, everyone moved to the other side of the parking lot for trunk or treating. Caleb held my hand the whole time and was very good at saying "trick or treat." He got nervous of cars a few times, but at least he didn't make me carry him. Whenever he had the option to pick his own candy, he always picked a sucker. Or Almond Joy. Too bad his nana wasn't there to eat them for him.

Trunk or treating.

Ending the night at our trunk.