Saturday, November 21, 2009

Post-Photo Shoot

Here's some more pictures we took after the photo shoot was over.

First up, Brandon, with guest appearances by Harley and Caleb.

Pictures of me and Caleb, taken by Brandon.


Patti said...

I like the one of "the boys" just before Caleb goes upside down.

Bekah said...

Super cute pictures! Love the teaser shot. Great photo!
Caleb is such a cutie pie. Love the balloons!

Fox Family said...

Karen! Where are you living now? Harley is cute. I love the 3rd picture of you. I think you look beautiful. Happy day!

Bekah said...

There are some more great photos from your shoot posted on the photographers blog. They look so great. She said you guys are fun!
I think your adorable.

Virginia Collinwood said...