Sunday, November 15, 2009

Harley Report

Some pictures of Harley's first day with us:

We brought him straight into the bathroom where we had all of his things. We all stayed in there together, helping him get comfortable with his new life. His little tail was curled under his body, he was so scared. But it wasn't long before he was wagging his tail, happy to be with us.

We spent a lot of time playing outside. Harley really enjoyed eating the fallen leaves. We went for a couple little walks around our complex. Harley did great at keeping right by us. He's pretty much always right by our feet, inside the house or out.

The one time we put him on his leash, he hated it. It was so hard to get him to come where we wanted him to go, he was always fighting against the leash. So I gave up on it and took it off and he stayed right by our side, happy as could be.

Unfortunately, the lady that sold him to us came over later that day and told us that he shouldn't be outside where other dogs have been because he hasn't had his third shot yet. So we're stuck indoors with him for another two weeks.

Caleb has been so happy, especially that first day. He's fairly good with Harley. Gentle as he can be. Though he loves to carry Harley around instead of letting him walk, and Caleb's idea of carrying a dog is similar to how one would carry a football, tucked under one arm.

After taking the above photos of Caleb and Harley, Caleb insisted that I get out my "little camera" and take some more.

Then Caleb wanted to take a picture of his new puppy.

Harley has been great with Caleb. He doesn't bark or bite (though he nibbles when playing sometimes). He lets Caleb carry him around the house in the most uncomfortable looking ways without complaining. If he ever gets free from Caleb, he often runs to either me or Brandon as if he wants us to save him. But if Caleb leaves the room, Harley is distraught not knowing where Caleb has gone.

The only real problem we've had so far is that Harley doesn't like to be alone. Not during the day, not during the night. Brandon really didn't want him sleeping in our bed at night, but the first night Harley kept crying till I woke up and pulled him into bed. Then he slept the rest of the night without complaint (except when he fell behind the bed and got stuck).


Patti said...

You're stuck now...Harley will be sleeping in your bed forever. Maybe hurry and swap him into Caleb's bed! Caleb looks so old in that picture just above the one of Harley by himself! I'm sure it's just the angle, but he looks like he's about 7!

Lisa said...

How cute! How fun for Caleb!

Virginia Collinwood said...

Is Harley a shihtzu?? Jubs is a shihtzu and he does the same stuff. He is the silliest most adorable little dog. Just looks at you like, "Hi. I'm Jubs. Love you."

Hehe, I'm glad you got a puppy- it's so much fun. Puppies also work as really good props for kids. ;)

Miss you.

Bekah said...

Oh, Caleb loves that dog. Looks how cute they are. Love the pictures. Adorable baby and puppy.