Wednesday, March 25, 2009


On Caleb's last day as a one year old, I'd hoped to get a few photos of the sweet boy I love.

Caleb, on the other hand, had a different idea in mind.

He's such a bugger baby. But I still love him.

While he doesn't like his picture being taken these days (it's hot and cold with that kid, nothing in between), there are things in life he does like. His two favorite things are definitely sports and music. He's obsessed with basketball. He's also addicted to the television. To the point that I want to throw away every television we own when we move. While he's content to watch television all day every day, he also loves to wrestle. We're a very rough and tumble kind of family. His favorite game is "My Baby" where Mommy and Daddy fight over Caleb.

He's quite the talker, though we still don't understand much of it. He loves repeating us, but by this point, we've learned to be very careful in what we say -- the only "swear" words allowed around Caleb are "wow" and "uh-oh." He doesn't actually say three and four word sentences (he says many more word than that), but there are usually three or four words in one of his sentences that we understand.

His favorite foods are pancakes and pizza. He still really likes fruit, though which kinds of fruit changes from minute to minute. Over all, he's not big into eating, but we've quit caring. He won't eat at a table by himself, and he spends almost every dinner sitting in my lap while I try to eat around him. He still prefers that I feed him his food, even though he can do it himself.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

The Last Year

It's amazing to me how much Caleb has grown in the past year. I remember how fun I thought he was after he turned one. He was learning so much and was becoming his own person more and more with each day. Now, my baby is gone. Instead, I have a sweet boy who is still so much fun and learning so much each day. And despite the fact that he's also most definitely a two year old now, he's still the joy of my life.

(I tried really hard to find pictures that I haven't posted already.)

12 Months

13 Months

14 Months

15 Months

16 Months

17 Months

18 Months

19 Months

20 Months

21 Months

22 Months

23 Months

I love you Caleb! I'm excited so see how much you'll grow on your way to becoming three.

Saturday, March 21, 2009


Caleb, how old are you now?

(He has trouble holding up two fingers on one hand and doesn't like when we try to help. Brandon solved this problem by telling Caleb to hold up one finger on each hand.)

Friday, March 13, 2009

Pancake Breakfast

This morning, Nana made us pancakes. Caleb absolutely loves pancakes. He asks for them most mornings, especially if Nana's home to make them. Maybe Nana just makes them better than Mommy, or maybe it's just easier to get her to say yes when he asks for them.

For some reason, even though he had asked for pancakes and had eagerly awaited them, he didn't eat much today. Instead, he thought we should document the experience. Below are Caleb's masterpieces.

First, he took portraits of those gathered around the breakfast table (except for Mommy since he was sitting in my lap):

I think Grandpa's portrait turned out the best. Probably because he was the only one willing to smile for Caleb.

Then he took a bunch more photos, sometimes at rapid fire speeds. Here are a few of my favorites:

Then Caleb took a few of his unfinished breakfast, so we could always remember it:

And lastly, Caleb turned the camera over to Mommy so that he could participate in the morning's photo shoot.

Such a cute boy! I'm glad he loves photography so much.

(And for the record, none of us had showered yet, except Grandpa. And Daddy is currently very sick.)

Friday, March 6, 2009

Music Man

Caleb loves music. In all forms. He loves to play musical instruments, he loves to sing, he loves to dance. We'll be eating lunch in the kitchen, and if we're home alone, just the two of us, he'll often ask me to turn on the music.

He has a baby toy drum and we bought him a little toy guitar in Mexico. He also loves to play with the guitars from Guitar Hero. And absolutely anything can become an instant microphone. Yesterday his shoe strings were microphones.

In all the house hunting we've done, Caleb is sometimes clingy and wants to be held while we walk through the house. Other times, if the house is lived in, he'll run off to play with toys or climb on chairs. His favorite game is to hide in empty rooms and have Daddy find us. He's not really a good hider though. He'll pull me into a room and close the door behind us. Then we walk backwards to the wall while Caleb says, "Shh, shh, shh." But once we're in our "hiding spot," he'll start yelling, "Daddy, where are you?" Otherwise, Brandon doesn't know to come looking for us. Then when Daddy finally finds us, Caleb will yell "Rarr!"

But one of his favorite things in all these houses is that some of them have fun things like pianos in them. Caleb loves to play the piano. On this particular day when I happened to have the camera with me, he didn't want to leave the house. He just wanted to stay there and rock out with his music.

Someday baby, we'll have a piano of our own that you can play. Hopefully, you'll still like music then.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

HOME-4 Years


Well it is our anniversary today so I think it is only appropriate that I at least say a little something. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!

We have moved 9 times in the past 4 years. And I know that can’t be easy on you. In fact, we recently sold our house. As such we are houseless. Our stuff is piled on top of itself in someone else’s garage. This is not the first time that we have packed up everything we own only to put it in storage.

You might think this is a strange thing to bring up on our anniversary but to me it is exactly the point. Even though we have lived in so many places and changed our situations several times in the last four years I have never felt homeless. It doesn’t matter to me where we are as long as I have you and Caleb. When I see you and our little boy, I am home. I have never felt more at home than I have for these past 4 years. You are everything to me! My heart finds comfort in your hands.

Soon we will find a new house that we can spend the next few years of our lives in. But all that matters to me is that we are there together. Whether here or the realms of eternity, as long as you are there, I will always feel at home.

Thanks for being my Queen in Shinning Armor. I LOVE YOU!!!

Your Eternal Mr.