Wednesday, March 25, 2009


On Caleb's last day as a one year old, I'd hoped to get a few photos of the sweet boy I love.

Caleb, on the other hand, had a different idea in mind.

He's such a bugger baby. But I still love him.

While he doesn't like his picture being taken these days (it's hot and cold with that kid, nothing in between), there are things in life he does like. His two favorite things are definitely sports and music. He's obsessed with basketball. He's also addicted to the television. To the point that I want to throw away every television we own when we move. While he's content to watch television all day every day, he also loves to wrestle. We're a very rough and tumble kind of family. His favorite game is "My Baby" where Mommy and Daddy fight over Caleb.

He's quite the talker, though we still don't understand much of it. He loves repeating us, but by this point, we've learned to be very careful in what we say -- the only "swear" words allowed around Caleb are "wow" and "uh-oh." He doesn't actually say three and four word sentences (he says many more word than that), but there are usually three or four words in one of his sentences that we understand.

His favorite foods are pancakes and pizza. He still really likes fruit, though which kinds of fruit changes from minute to minute. Over all, he's not big into eating, but we've quit caring. He won't eat at a table by himself, and he spends almost every dinner sitting in my lap while I try to eat around him. He still prefers that I feed him his food, even though he can do it himself.


Jill said...

Watch out... I think the biggest changes in kids are between 2 and 2 1/2. They really grow up in those 6 months. Lots of fun coming your way!
Happy Birthday to Caleb!

erin said...

Jackson loved "my baby" too! He's grown out of it a little bit—he rarely allows anyone to refer to him as a baby. But if Danny and I pull on him and fight over him, he giggles like crazy.

Caleb is so cute!

Patti said...

Even though Caleb has his own invented language, he's totally understandable when he needs to be. All the "extra" words are cute though.

Bekah said...

Caleb is so cute. I think I must say that every time I leave a comment, but the things you say about him are just to cute. Makes me want to give him a squeeze. We used to play "My Baby" with Ryan too but we called it "Mommy's / Daddy's Baby". That is so funny. This is just the cutest stage. 18 to 30 months are my most favorite ages. Thanks for sharing.

Crowley Family said...

Caleb is getting so big. I swear he changes each time I see a picture of him. We miss you guys!