Friday, March 6, 2009

Music Man

Caleb loves music. In all forms. He loves to play musical instruments, he loves to sing, he loves to dance. We'll be eating lunch in the kitchen, and if we're home alone, just the two of us, he'll often ask me to turn on the music.

He has a baby toy drum and we bought him a little toy guitar in Mexico. He also loves to play with the guitars from Guitar Hero. And absolutely anything can become an instant microphone. Yesterday his shoe strings were microphones.

In all the house hunting we've done, Caleb is sometimes clingy and wants to be held while we walk through the house. Other times, if the house is lived in, he'll run off to play with toys or climb on chairs. His favorite game is to hide in empty rooms and have Daddy find us. He's not really a good hider though. He'll pull me into a room and close the door behind us. Then we walk backwards to the wall while Caleb says, "Shh, shh, shh." But once we're in our "hiding spot," he'll start yelling, "Daddy, where are you?" Otherwise, Brandon doesn't know to come looking for us. Then when Daddy finally finds us, Caleb will yell "Rarr!"

But one of his favorite things in all these houses is that some of them have fun things like pianos in them. Caleb loves to play the piano. On this particular day when I happened to have the camera with me, he didn't want to leave the house. He just wanted to stay there and rock out with his music.

Someday baby, we'll have a piano of our own that you can play. Hopefully, you'll still like music then.


Patti said...

Maybe when Caleb becomes a famous musician someone will find these pictures of him and say "look, he loved music way back when." That someone will probably be his Nana.