Thursday, May 29, 2008

14 Months

Caleb's favorite things to do:
Walk sideways
Walk backwards
Wiggle his tongue from side to side
Pour things (usually toys from one bowl/cup/toy to another)
Rip paper
Be chased
Tickle Mommy's belly

Caleb's least favorite things to do:
Be told no
Eat dinner

Foods Caleb likes:
Chicken Nuggets
Gerber's Yogurt Bites
Fruit snacks
In N Out French fries

Foods Caleb used to love but now only plays with if you put them on his tray:

Other food that Caleb doesn't like:
Pretty much everything else
Especially pasta

Words Caleb voluntarily says:
No! (And he's so serious when he says this)

Words Caleb will say with more prompting:


Animal noises Caleb will make with some prompting:


Currently, Caleb has six teeth (the 6th came in on the 21st)

Friday, May 16, 2008

For Lesley

Lesley tagged me, but I really don't like talking about myself. So instead of ignoring the tag completely, I've decided to answer for Caleb.

* Nickname: Cale-y-bale, Bugger, Baby

* Age: 1

* Birthday: March 21

* School: Currently homeschooled

* Location: Roseville, CA

* Color of eyes: Blue

* Hair: Blond

* Height: 2'something

* Shoe Size: 4

* Brothers/Sisters: None -- And I get mad at Mommy and Daddy if they ever touch each other at all. I like being an only child.

------------------HAVE YOU EVER---------------

* Missed school B/coz it was raining: Not yet

* Put a body part on fire for amusement: Not yet

* Kept a secret from everyone: Absolutely everything

* Had an imaginary friend: It's possible

* Cried during a Movie: No. I'm not allowed to watch TV. But one time, I woke up from my nap early and Mommy was watching a movie, so I got to see the end of it and it made her cry, so I gave her kisses without her asking so she'd be happy again.

* Ever thought an animated character was hot? Still not allowed to watch TV. But I do like the fuzzy animals in my books. I like to pull out their hair and try to eat it.

* Had a New Kids on the Block tape: No. And Mommy never did either because my uncle Samuel forbade such music in their house.

* Been on stage: Not yet

* Been sarcastic: Considering who my parents are, it's likely there will soon come a day...


* Shampoo: anything foamy. Mommy really liked the Sweat Pea smelling one, but Daddy likes the one in the blue bottle.

* soap: My soap is the same as my shampoo.

* Color: Mommy always picks out green things for me, but given the choice between something green and the same thing in orange, I'll more often pick the orange one. I also look really good in red clothes, and gray, and blue of course.

* Day/Night: Day

* Summer/Winter: Summer. Mommy hardly ever took me outside when it was winter time.

* Lace or satin: Satin. But I like fuzzy things better because fuzz is yummy.

* Fave cartoon Characters: Yertle

* Fave Food: Chicken nuggets

* Fave Ice Cream: I'm not allowed to have ice cream, which means I'd probably like it all and never eat anything else ever again.

* Fave person to talk to online: Nana. She thinks it's cute when I interrupt Mommy's chatting to type in my own message.

---------------IN THE LAST 24 HRS------------------

* Cried: Definitely

* Cleaned your room: Never

* Done laundry: No, but Mommy did mine for me

* Drove a car: Ridden in one


* Who have u known the longest of your friends: Mommy

* Who's the loudest: Daddy

* Who's the shyest: me

* Who do you cry to?: Mommy

* When you cried the most: When Mommy takes my toys away and says they are hers and that I can't play with them

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Shower Monster

Look at that picture. With a face like that, this child is destined to get into trouble. The question then, is not will he, but when will he and what'll it be this time.

Yesterday, Caleb figured out how to open the shower doors. While I was in the shower of course. That made the rest of my shower loads of fun, holding the door shut with one hand (or occasionally a foot) while I finished showering. Looks like it's time to go back to showering only during nap time.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Bouncing Fun

I promised Caleb that after he took his afternoon nap, we'd go to the park. There's one a couple blocks away with a pirate ship that I wanted to go check out. When we got to the park, there were a million kids there. Literally. So instead, we moved closer to home and found a regular park that we could play at. Caleb still had a great time.

On our way to the park. I love his sunglasses. He's getting much better at leaving them on when we're outside.

Mommy went down the slide with him the first time, and then I tried to get him to go down by himself. He wasn't sure what to think of it.

Although, climbing on the slide is always fun.

The bouncy toys were definitely Caleb's favorite. With a good handle to help him feel secure, he was a bouncing maniac.

A video of Caleb on the swing, staring at our friend Lindsey who came with us:

A video of Caleb on the bouncing plow truck:

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Playing With Photoshop

I think the quickest way to go from being a good photographer to a great photographer is knowing how to use Photoshop. Photoshop has always intimidated me. But after reading a few tutorials online, I'm starting to feel my way around a little more. Today, I tried editing some of the photos from Sunday's shoot. Some I like, some are causing more aggravation.

Here are a few of my favorites though. Starting at the top with my absolute favorite.

And one more picture of feet because I just love feet pictures!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Summer Days

Caleb and I haven't been up to all that much lately. Saturday we got these awesome sunglasses for Caleb. He's still not sure whether he likes them better on or off. Sadly, right after I took this picture of him, he spun around (trying to get away from me and not have to go inside yet) and fell. So the glasses ended up scratched before Caleb even made it home from the store.

In his hand you can see a small block like thing. It's actually a book. We bought this box of books, one book per letter. They are really cute and tiny, which means that Caleb absolutely loves them. He loves things that are just his size.

Today, we had another lazy summer day. We tested out my new Mother's day present. Brandon got me patio lounge chairs and we got Caleb a little kiddie pool. Now Caleb can play in the pool and I can lay out in the sun and we don't have to leave our house. It's quite nice, since trying to trek all the way to the pool (maybe fifty yards away) is such a hassle and takes us like an hour to even be ready enough to leave our house. Caleb's not too sure about the baby pool, but hopefully will take to it soon, as I love to lay out. Our porch doesn't get that much sun, but just enough that I can be in the sun while Caleb has plenty of room to play in the shade.

We also played Spin the Bottle on the kitchen floor today. There wasn't enough kissing involved though. Apparently, when you play with only two people, the bottle doesn't point to anyone most of the time. But I still snuck a few kisses in. :)

For dinner, I made stacky enchiladas. Caleb ate a few bites and then burst into tears. I'm guessing it was too spicy for him. But whatever the reason, he was one sad, sad boy. Which meant that bed time came next.

Yesterday, for Mother's day, Shannon invited us over for dinner. And as a special Mother's day treat to me (or was it supposed to be a treat for Shannon?) I took a million photos of their cute family. It was my first time really photographing a baby (besides Caleb -- who wasn't sure what to do since the camera wasn't on him) and I realize that I really have no idea what I'm doing. Hopefully some of the pictures will turn out cute regardless of my lack of skills.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Friday, May 9, 2008

At the Park

Caleb and I went to the library today. We've been seriously library deprived since we moved here. Well no longer. I got a library card today and since the library is only a couple blocks away, we plan on being frequent visitors.

After the library, where everyone kept oohing and aahing over him as if they've never seen a baby before, we stumbled across this little park. It has all these different train themed toys that you can play on. Caleb needed a little prompting (since there were other people around), but soon decided it was fun. Almost too fun to bother looking at Mommy so we could get some pictures of the excitement.

The only thing that Caleb didn't like was when he got sand on his hands. :)

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Tiny Turtle

Today I crocheted Caleb this tiny little turtle. He's a patriotic turtle -- red, white, and blue. I'm quite pleased with how it turned out, although I wasn't expecting the head to be quite so big.

When I gave Caleb the finished product, he tried to bite the turtle's head off. His three teeth sunk in, and he pulled on it as if he was going to rip the head off the turtle. Apparently, I have mad sewing skills, since the turtle survived the attack. I kept telling Caleb no, but that only made him laugh more and attack the turtle again. I'm glad he likes it, even if the turtle is dead by tomorrow.

Here's another shot with Caleb's baby food jar in the picture so you can see just how little the turtle is.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Mommy Brain

Caleb and I went to the store tonight to pick up a few things. Five things to be exact. Well, really we went to get stamps and then I made a quick list of five other things we needed.

Yeah, I forgot the stamps completely. And of the five other things, I only bought three of them. Although, one they just didn't have. So still, I forgot stamps, and milk of all things. Milk.

I did pick up a few items not on my list. Three to be exact. So, forgot two, bought three extra. Doing pretty good, don't you think?

Then we get home and not only do I realize that I forgot two of the things we needed, but I forgot to even put paper towels down on our list. Seriously, what did I even buy?

A cute new cup for Caleb, of course. And candy for Daddy. And the cutest green turtle towel. Doesn't everyone need a turtle towel? How do you go to the pool without a turtle towel?

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Pajama Randomness

Caleb loves to play with Daddy's toys. His favorite is definitely Daddy's cell phone. Daddy's phone is beyond superior to Mommy's phone. Mommy's phone is barely even tempting. This morning, as Brandon was trying to get ready to leave the house, he asked me if I had seen his phone. Luckily I knew where Caleb had put it, otherwise it would have taken us ages to find it (since who knows where my phone is to call his with). Caleb had dropped Daddy's phone in an empty diaper box. No, dropped isn't the right word. Caleb had intentionally put it in the box for safe keeping while he ate his breakfast.

Another one of Daddy's fun toys is his tie. Caleb has been carrying this tie around for days now. He likes to lift it over his head and then walk around with it draped around his neck. So today, I decided I'd try and capture a picture of how cute he is.

I thought these faces Caleb made for me, all in a row, were just so cute. He loves to smile at me whenever he sees the camera.

This next one is a funny little smile, but you can see his top tooth real good (although you might need to click on it to make it bigger so you can see the tooth). Plus, I love funny smiles. Caleb got tooth number four yesterday, and number five today. Four is on the bottom, to the right of number one. Five is on top. Not that you can see either of them really, but I can definitely feel them.

Finally, a picture with the tie on!

Caleb also likes to pretend he's the strongest man on earth. He'll carry or push anything he can find. The heavier, the better. Here he is carrying Daddy's case of blank dvds.

At last, a picture of Caleb playing with his own toy! Although really, he just likes to dump all the pieces on the floor. He's starting to figure out that they go back on the board too, but isn't quite sure how yet.

Caleb loves socks. He carries them around the house all the time. He especially loves Daddy's socks, but when in need, his own socks will suffice.

Just for the record, all these pictures of Caleb's fun adventures today were taken between two and three in the afternoon. Yes, Caleb was still in his pajamas. Yes, this is fairly normal in our house. What's not normal is that I was actually dressed for the day at this point. Normally we both are still chilling in our jammies and normally Caleb gets dressed before I do.

The reason I was dressed so "early" today is that I was meeting Shannon at The Picture People to get professional photos done of our kids. To make a long story extremely short, it didn't work out so hot and I was not a fan of the pictures taken. I wasn't tempted in the slightest to spend any money (which is probably good because their prices are ridiculous). It's times like today when I wonder why I even take my kid in for pictures, when I love the ones we take at home so much. Like this one. By far the cutest picture of my kid. Well, at least the cutest picture of my kid taken today, that's for sure.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

San Fran

We went to San Francisco after church today. I'd never been before. Sometimes it amazes me all the things that I've never done before that Caleb gets to do when he's so very little.

Things I learned about San Francisco today:
* It's BIG
* It's very easy to get lost
* It really is always foggy (or smoggy, I'm not sure which)
* You should bring a jacket if you are going to walk anywhere near the ocean
* If you are trying to meet your friends at Pier 39, but are parked between Pier 38 and Pier 40, you are nowhere near where you want to be

Yep, that about sums up our experience. We ended up having a really good time though. I especially loved seeing so many things I'd heard about from other people's San Francisco trips (like when we saw the bush man scaring people, it totally reminded me of Samuel and Holly -- cuz they told me about that, not because they are scary bush people).

We also bought some great sidewalk art. I love sidewalk art. It always amazes me what some people are capable of creating. The pictures we bought were made using spray paint. We even watched one (that we bought) being made. It took all of five minutes maybe and it's seriously the coolest thing I've ever seen. I'll try and take a picture of it so that you can have an idea of what it looks like.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Zoo Baby

Caleb had his first trip to the zoo today. Shannon and her family were kind enough to invite us, and despite my natural instinct to never leave the house, we actually went with them. It was a lot of fun, and Caleb did really good considering he didn't get to take his morning nap.

His favorite animal was probably the penguins. They were the first thing we saw, but they were also the easiest thing to see. Unlike some of the bigger animals that linger in the back, the penguins had a tiny little spot and hence were right there in the front. Caleb thought they were so awesome.

At first, I had Caleb in his stroller, but he couldn't see very well, so I ended up holding him most of the time. It was fun to be able to point out all the animals to him. And I loved to watch his reactions when he actually saw something.

Looking at the orangutan (or some other kind of monkey, whatever is in the picture at the top). He gave us this huge grin which scared Caleb a little.

Watching the anteater. I think Caleb really liked this one too, simply because he could lean against the glass. The majority were behind log fences and so I had to hold him for him to be able to see the animals. He liked being able to look at the anteater all on his own.

Caleb in front of the tortoises. Naturally. You didn't think we'd go to the zoo and not get a picture with the turtles, did you?

They had tons of beautiful flowers at the zoo too. And being one to capture every photo opportunity, I had to take pictures in front of them. I think I ended up with more flower pictures than animal pictures.

I also couldn't pass up the opportunity to take a million pictures of our cute friends. Shannon posted some on her blog already, so I'll just post two of my favorites.

Shannon seems to think I don't post enough pictures of me (and probably most people that read this blog agree with her). Obviously, I'm usually the one taking the pictures. But also, I don't like the way I look in most of the pictures of me. I do have some, I just don't post them. Well, in hopes of righting that, Shannon took several today of Caleb and I together. I really had no intention of posting any of them, but this one turned out so cute that I just have to add it.

Caleb was being really funny about having his picture taken with me. He kept grabbing the side of my face and pulling me to him. So instead of pictures of us smiling at the camera, we ended up with a lot of kissing pictures. I don't mind. I love kissing my baby.

Thanks for inviting us Shannon! We had so much fun!!