Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Bouncing Fun

I promised Caleb that after he took his afternoon nap, we'd go to the park. There's one a couple blocks away with a pirate ship that I wanted to go check out. When we got to the park, there were a million kids there. Literally. So instead, we moved closer to home and found a regular park that we could play at. Caleb still had a great time.

On our way to the park. I love his sunglasses. He's getting much better at leaving them on when we're outside.

Mommy went down the slide with him the first time, and then I tried to get him to go down by himself. He wasn't sure what to think of it.

Although, climbing on the slide is always fun.

The bouncy toys were definitely Caleb's favorite. With a good handle to help him feel secure, he was a bouncing maniac.

A video of Caleb on the swing, staring at our friend Lindsey who came with us:

A video of Caleb on the bouncing plow truck: