Monday, May 12, 2008

Summer Days

Caleb and I haven't been up to all that much lately. Saturday we got these awesome sunglasses for Caleb. He's still not sure whether he likes them better on or off. Sadly, right after I took this picture of him, he spun around (trying to get away from me and not have to go inside yet) and fell. So the glasses ended up scratched before Caleb even made it home from the store.

In his hand you can see a small block like thing. It's actually a book. We bought this box of books, one book per letter. They are really cute and tiny, which means that Caleb absolutely loves them. He loves things that are just his size.

Today, we had another lazy summer day. We tested out my new Mother's day present. Brandon got me patio lounge chairs and we got Caleb a little kiddie pool. Now Caleb can play in the pool and I can lay out in the sun and we don't have to leave our house. It's quite nice, since trying to trek all the way to the pool (maybe fifty yards away) is such a hassle and takes us like an hour to even be ready enough to leave our house. Caleb's not too sure about the baby pool, but hopefully will take to it soon, as I love to lay out. Our porch doesn't get that much sun, but just enough that I can be in the sun while Caleb has plenty of room to play in the shade.

We also played Spin the Bottle on the kitchen floor today. There wasn't enough kissing involved though. Apparently, when you play with only two people, the bottle doesn't point to anyone most of the time. But I still snuck a few kisses in. :)

For dinner, I made stacky enchiladas. Caleb ate a few bites and then burst into tears. I'm guessing it was too spicy for him. But whatever the reason, he was one sad, sad boy. Which meant that bed time came next.

Yesterday, for Mother's day, Shannon invited us over for dinner. And as a special Mother's day treat to me (or was it supposed to be a treat for Shannon?) I took a million photos of their cute family. It was my first time really photographing a baby (besides Caleb -- who wasn't sure what to do since the camera wasn't on him) and I realize that I really have no idea what I'm doing. Hopefully some of the pictures will turn out cute regardless of my lack of skills.


David & Lesley said...

So funny. It's funny that poor Caleb just started crying during dinner. You should post that recipe on the food for all blog. or you can email it to me. Let me know if you post it, I would love to try it.

Patti said...

I got your card this morning, which means it came yesterday. The picture of Caleb...he's so grown up! Same as in the picture of him in those sunglasses on this post! Caleb- slow down! Nana misses seeing you every week! And to keep up with my reputation per the card you sent me, don't get too much sun, you'll get skin cancer when you're 50.

Kristy said...

what are stacky enchiladas? sounds good! share with us, please. :)

Virginia Collinwood said...

Trust me on this one- invest in a $30 wagon. Your life will get so much easier. They are WAY better than a stroller. Hehe.

I wish you would come to the pool with me, it was fun this morning but definitely lonely. I will even watch the babies (errr...toddlers....) while you get some sun, relax, and read... whatever.


Barbour said...

I was wondering what you got. Doug didn't know.