Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Pajama Randomness

Caleb loves to play with Daddy's toys. His favorite is definitely Daddy's cell phone. Daddy's phone is beyond superior to Mommy's phone. Mommy's phone is barely even tempting. This morning, as Brandon was trying to get ready to leave the house, he asked me if I had seen his phone. Luckily I knew where Caleb had put it, otherwise it would have taken us ages to find it (since who knows where my phone is to call his with). Caleb had dropped Daddy's phone in an empty diaper box. No, dropped isn't the right word. Caleb had intentionally put it in the box for safe keeping while he ate his breakfast.

Another one of Daddy's fun toys is his tie. Caleb has been carrying this tie around for days now. He likes to lift it over his head and then walk around with it draped around his neck. So today, I decided I'd try and capture a picture of how cute he is.

I thought these faces Caleb made for me, all in a row, were just so cute. He loves to smile at me whenever he sees the camera.

This next one is a funny little smile, but you can see his top tooth real good (although you might need to click on it to make it bigger so you can see the tooth). Plus, I love funny smiles. Caleb got tooth number four yesterday, and number five today. Four is on the bottom, to the right of number one. Five is on top. Not that you can see either of them really, but I can definitely feel them.

Finally, a picture with the tie on!

Caleb also likes to pretend he's the strongest man on earth. He'll carry or push anything he can find. The heavier, the better. Here he is carrying Daddy's case of blank dvds.

At last, a picture of Caleb playing with his own toy! Although really, he just likes to dump all the pieces on the floor. He's starting to figure out that they go back on the board too, but isn't quite sure how yet.

Caleb loves socks. He carries them around the house all the time. He especially loves Daddy's socks, but when in need, his own socks will suffice.

Just for the record, all these pictures of Caleb's fun adventures today were taken between two and three in the afternoon. Yes, Caleb was still in his pajamas. Yes, this is fairly normal in our house. What's not normal is that I was actually dressed for the day at this point. Normally we both are still chilling in our jammies and normally Caleb gets dressed before I do.

The reason I was dressed so "early" today is that I was meeting Shannon at The Picture People to get professional photos done of our kids. To make a long story extremely short, it didn't work out so hot and I was not a fan of the pictures taken. I wasn't tempted in the slightest to spend any money (which is probably good because their prices are ridiculous). It's times like today when I wonder why I even take my kid in for pictures, when I love the ones we take at home so much. Like this one. By far the cutest picture of my kid. Well, at least the cutest picture of my kid taken today, that's for sure.


Patti said...

Great pictures. Cute smiles. Was he cranky getting two teeth in two days? Seems he isn't cranky...just smiley! Love that boy!