Thursday, May 1, 2008

Pool Hair

We ventured out to the pool again today. Mostly because I was already in the mood to be outside and the baby already had sunscreen on, but the bubble toy I bought him to play with out on the patio wasn't working. So we switched clothes and moved our party to the pool instead.

The water is still way too freezing to go in. Caleb was really good and didn't wander too far, which meant that I actually got to lay out a little, instead of following after him. It's one of my goals to be tan by the end of the summer.

Don't you just love this cute spiky hair? I have to make sure to put sunscreen on his head since he doesn't have enough hair to protect it otherwise. And his hat is too small. I tried buying him a new one the other day, but every one we tried on, he immediately took back off. Yet he loves to wear the one he has right now, even though it doesn't fit. And when he's not wearing it, he'll just carry it around with him. Sometimes he'll even bring it to me when we're inside so I can put in on for him. (He also likes to bring me his shoes. And my keys. Maybe he's trying to tell me something...)

Some other kids showed up at the pool after a little while and Caleb was mesmerized. Which meant that I could relax even more since Caleb is shy around new people and while he loves to watch, he needs to have me right next to him.

Eventually, we got up and dipped our feet in the pool. Caleb thought that was fun and kicked and kicked in the water. But it was freezing. So we took a spin around the spa for a few minutes before finally heading home again. Hopefully the pool will warm up soon so we can play all day in it!


Fox Family said...

While you were having fun we missed you terribly. Nice goal to get a tan... I wish I could have the same goal and achieve it. Levi took his darn nap at 4:30pm and woke up at 1:30am (hence the reason I am up right now). Good times. Don't you just love kids?

Patti said...

Caleb looks so grown up in his muscle shirt! Shannon, you don't know the real meaning of "miss" since you just saw them the other day! I'm talking MISS! I really miss Caleb and his parents.

Barbour said...

I love the trunks. His hair is long enough to spike now,, maybe by his second b-day he will have enough to cut.;)