Saturday, May 3, 2008

Zoo Baby

Caleb had his first trip to the zoo today. Shannon and her family were kind enough to invite us, and despite my natural instinct to never leave the house, we actually went with them. It was a lot of fun, and Caleb did really good considering he didn't get to take his morning nap.

His favorite animal was probably the penguins. They were the first thing we saw, but they were also the easiest thing to see. Unlike some of the bigger animals that linger in the back, the penguins had a tiny little spot and hence were right there in the front. Caleb thought they were so awesome.

At first, I had Caleb in his stroller, but he couldn't see very well, so I ended up holding him most of the time. It was fun to be able to point out all the animals to him. And I loved to watch his reactions when he actually saw something.

Looking at the orangutan (or some other kind of monkey, whatever is in the picture at the top). He gave us this huge grin which scared Caleb a little.

Watching the anteater. I think Caleb really liked this one too, simply because he could lean against the glass. The majority were behind log fences and so I had to hold him for him to be able to see the animals. He liked being able to look at the anteater all on his own.

Caleb in front of the tortoises. Naturally. You didn't think we'd go to the zoo and not get a picture with the turtles, did you?

They had tons of beautiful flowers at the zoo too. And being one to capture every photo opportunity, I had to take pictures in front of them. I think I ended up with more flower pictures than animal pictures.

I also couldn't pass up the opportunity to take a million pictures of our cute friends. Shannon posted some on her blog already, so I'll just post two of my favorites.

Shannon seems to think I don't post enough pictures of me (and probably most people that read this blog agree with her). Obviously, I'm usually the one taking the pictures. But also, I don't like the way I look in most of the pictures of me. I do have some, I just don't post them. Well, in hopes of righting that, Shannon took several today of Caleb and I together. I really had no intention of posting any of them, but this one turned out so cute that I just have to add it.

Caleb was being really funny about having his picture taken with me. He kept grabbing the side of my face and pulling me to him. So instead of pictures of us smiling at the camera, we ended up with a lot of kissing pictures. I don't mind. I love kissing my baby.

Thanks for inviting us Shannon! We had so much fun!!


Patti said...

Awesome! I love that picture of you and Caleb. He loves his mommy. I love his mommy too. I'm so happy that Shannon and Matt are nearby so you can have a friend around. It makes it easier for me to let you be so far away. We went to Kristina's wedding which meant the SLC temple. I too couldn't resist taking pictures of the flowers there. It is such a pretty place!

Fox Family said...

Karen it was so much fun having you and Caleb with us!! We must get together again. Thanks for all the fabulous pictures!