Friday, March 13, 2009

Pancake Breakfast

This morning, Nana made us pancakes. Caleb absolutely loves pancakes. He asks for them most mornings, especially if Nana's home to make them. Maybe Nana just makes them better than Mommy, or maybe it's just easier to get her to say yes when he asks for them.

For some reason, even though he had asked for pancakes and had eagerly awaited them, he didn't eat much today. Instead, he thought we should document the experience. Below are Caleb's masterpieces.

First, he took portraits of those gathered around the breakfast table (except for Mommy since he was sitting in my lap):

I think Grandpa's portrait turned out the best. Probably because he was the only one willing to smile for Caleb.

Then he took a bunch more photos, sometimes at rapid fire speeds. Here are a few of my favorites:

Then Caleb took a few of his unfinished breakfast, so we could always remember it:

And lastly, Caleb turned the camera over to Mommy so that he could participate in the morning's photo shoot.

Such a cute boy! I'm glad he loves photography so much.

(And for the record, none of us had showered yet, except Grandpa. And Daddy is currently very sick.)


Patti said...

Dear Readers of Karen's blog,
Please forgive having to see Caleb's Nana in such a state of disarray. Caleb's needs always come before Nana's, so that's why Nana looks such a mess. If I'd known a photo shoot was going to be involved in this morning's breakfast, I'd have at LEAST brushed my hair. So, my deepest apologies in the assault on your eyes.
But, Caleb does love pancakes!

Laura Read said...

I'm impressed the pictures are all in focus (which for some reason I just started typing as "phocus." Sorry Brandon is sick. We are all sick too. Well Eliot is the only one yet to have either diarrhea or vomiting issues. But he has a nasty cold

Crowley Family said...

Pancake breakfasts are always the best. So when do you come AZ? We miss you tons.