Sunday, November 1, 2009

Ward Halloween Party

Friday (10/30) was our ward Halloween party. Caleb's costume this year was borrowed from his cousin Trevor. I'd planned on making him a costume but when he tried on Buzz Lightyear for the first time, he was so super excited that we switched (plus then I didn't have to make a costume, so bonus there).

While dressed as Buzz, he refused to answer to Caleb and if you tried to call him Caleb, he'd correct you and say he was Buzz Lightyear.

Caleb only ate chips for dinner while the rest of us had chili.

After dinner, they had several games set up. There was also a moon bounce, but too many big kids were jumping in it that Caleb didn't want to go in. He was a little shy and timid playing the games, since there were so many big kids running around everywhere. But he did great waiting in line for his turn and loved when it was his turn to finally play.

Toss the ring around the witch's hat.

Candy bowling -- Caleb's favorite game which he played repeatedly.

Picking his prize (which half the time he didn't want to do).

Vampire Buzz.

After games, everyone moved to the other side of the parking lot for trunk or treating. Caleb held my hand the whole time and was very good at saying "trick or treat." He got nervous of cars a few times, but at least he didn't make me carry him. Whenever he had the option to pick his own candy, he always picked a sucker. Or Almond Joy. Too bad his nana wasn't there to eat them for him.

Trunk or treating.

Ending the night at our trunk.


Patti said...

Maybe he is saving the Almond Joys for me? I can only hope. My stash is almost gone!