Thursday, October 29, 2009

Pumpkin Patch

Wednesday (10/28), Liz and I took Caleb and Naomi to a pumpkin patch. The weather was absolutely freezing that day, out of nowhere too, as low as 59 degrees. We were seriously freezing. I had to borrow a jacket from Liz when we got to her place (before going to the pumpkin patch) because I was unprepared for the sudden cold chill. At least I'd brought Caleb a jacket, just in case. But he was still in shorts and flip flops.

The first thing we did was go on the cow train ride. One of the ladies in charge made the train driver wait for this school group to leave, so I had the opportunity to take lots of pictures (while poor Liz was stuck in the teeny tiny cow car with Naomi).

Look! I was there too!

Next we headed over to the moon bounce. Caleb's favorite thing about jumping in the moon bounce was squashing Naomi. This was the first time he wasn't scared to jump in one, probably only because Naomi was with him.

We let the kids run around in the hay maze. They absolutely loved it. Especially since some of the bales of hay had been knocked over, making them the perfect height to climb on and jump off of. The pictures don't really capture it, but they were both running full speed and laughing their heads off.

Naomi took a bathroom break. Caleb did one more quick run through the maze before deciding he couldn't be away from Naomi for more than ten seconds and had to go chasing after her.

After that, we headed over to the little playground area. Caleb really enjoyed the seesaw until I sent him soaring a little too fast and he whacked his head on the board.

Caleb obliged me for one picture of sticking his head in the hole, then ran away to play before I could insist on a redo.

Caleb didn't want to go down the slides, but he was willing to sit next to Naomi in order to take a picture. Then she slid down and he got up and went a different way.

I had to include this shot of Caleb walking in front of us. Sometimes he just cracks me up with his poses. Hand on hip is a familiar one for him. It's his attitude pose for sure.

We couldn't get the kids to sit together with the pumpkins in the corn. We couldn't really get them to sit by themselves either, for that matter.

Stopping to milk the cow before heading home.

Caleb led the way out of the farm. He was beyond exhausted. And grumpy. But I think they had fun because he still associates the word pumpkin with the word patch.


Patti said...

What a great time you had! It's nice to know you have fun places to go to down there.