Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Caleb loves to take pictures. I let him play with our point and shoot camera whenever he wants (secretly hoping he breaks it since we have a warranty on it and then we can get a new one). Usually I just delete all his photos. One day, mid delete, I decided that I'm not an art connoisseur so who am I to say that Caleb's photos aren't art? What makes the pictures I take worth keeping and the ones he takes worth deleting? So here are a few saved photos, all taken by Caleb while we were living in our (first) apartment in New Jersey.


Bekah said...

You're cute Karen. Love the photos. That is so fun for Caleb. I wouldn't say any of these photos are really frame worthy, but Caleb might enjoy seeing them in an album in years to come when he is a little more in to photography.

Speaking of enjoy, I made some Strawberry Snowflake cookies last night. They are so delicious, and always the dessert that I take to potlucks. One lady told me they are her favorite cookie. Thank you!

Brandon said...

Mannn! He's already better than his daddy with the camera! Talk about an ego booster

Patti said...

I just went through the last 10 posts (I hate being away from the computer for so long!).
Awesome pictures! Great memories. Can hardly wait to see this boy...yay for tomorrow!!!