Monday, November 2, 2009


Halloween day we went with the Crowleys to Cory's sister's neighborhood block party, then went trick or treating around her neighborhood.

Caleb loved being Buzz. It was good weather on Halloween. Maybe a smidgen too hot to be wearing a plastic costume. Caleb's cheeks were nice and rosy during the day. But that didn't stop him from being Buzz.

He loved to fly when he was Buzz. If anyone said the word "fly" he would be reminded that he needed to fly and we had to carry him so he could fly (as pictured above). But then Daddy made him fly for real.

Our Halloween cohorts, the Flintstones (aka the Crowleys).

Caleb enjoyed the games at the block party. They had a ton more than at our ward party. Caleb even ate chili for dinner this time.

After the party, we went trick or treating. It was a fancy neighborhood, so the houses were kind of far apart, which was tiring for such little legs. Caleb wouldn't carry his treat bag, so I carried it for him and then would hand it back to him at each door. He'd say trick or treat, get his candy, then turn to leave, immediately handing the bag back to me. We did about half the block when we got to a "scary" house that had dry ice blowing across the yard. Caleb and I walked halfway up the sidewalk to the house before he got too freaked out. So we turned around and left that house. After that, he insisted on being carried and really didn't want to trick or treat anymore. We circled back around the neighborhood only stopping at doors that weren't at all scary (though we let Naomi be the judge of what was scary since Caleb now thought they were all too scary). Though he wanted to be held, he was still willing to follow Naomi wherever she went.


Patti said...

He looks SO cute in his costume. So much for Bam Bam. That picture of Buzz flying is amazing. You must have been right under him when Brandon tossed him up. It turned out great! I'll probably steal it for my blog.