Tuesday, December 1, 2009

My Favorites

One might think that the point of taking family pictures in the month of November would be to use them in a Christmas card, right? Well, now that we live in Arizona, I have very little Christmas spirit in me. So here are some super cute pictures taken by Teresa at Little Tree Photography.

Don't expect a card. You'll only be disappointed.


Jill said...

I love the first one of you and Caleb. You look beautiful :)

Crowley Family said...

Way cute pictures.

Patti said...

Who taught Caleb to close his eyes when he's kissing?
Thanks for the warning about no Christmas card. I was just about to go check my mailbox for one right now :) You saved me a trip.

Barbour said...

Karen, love love the photos. I really like your sweater too. The ones of you and Caleb need to be blown up and put on the wall a good mother's day present. I guess one good thing about utah is it feels like christmas with the cold weather.