Monday, December 7, 2009

O Tannenbaum

We moved from our place in Gilbert (because our lease was up) and are now staying in Scottsdale for a couple of weeks. The apartment here is furnished (as was the Gilbert place and our apartment in Jersey), so all our stuff is in storage. With the Christmas decorations way in the back.

Because of that (and maybe a little help from the great AZ weather), I've been having trouble feeling like it's Christmas. I didn't hear any Christmas music until Black Friday as Jill and I were walking through the parking lot to start our shopping. In fact, only one radio station out here plays Christmas music.

Since we'll only be here a couple weeks, we decided not to get a Christmas tree. Instead, we bought a strand of lights and a box of ornaments and decorated the fake tree that was already in the corner of the apartment.

Caleb loved decorating the tree. After each ornament he hung, he'd get so excited. He'd jump from the arm of the chair where he was standing onto the chair's cushion and shout "I did it!" with the biggest smile on his face.


Patti said...

You don't feel like it's Christmas because you're not cold enough down there. You need to be with me so you can feel the right weather.
I'm happy Caleb had fun decorating the tree-er- bush thingy. He's a big boy! He DID IT!

Bekah said...

Great Pictures, Way to make the most of what you've got. You might not feel it, but these pictures certainly look like Christmas.