Thursday, December 3, 2009

Thanksgiving Fun

We decided to stay home for Thanksgiving this year. Without all the family around, it didn't really feel like Thanksgiving. Fortunately, my friend Jill and her family came up from Tuscon to join us. Otherwise I don't know that I could have convinced myself to make a feast.

I seem to have this fixation with playing football on Thanksgiving. Every year I try to get Caleb to play.

Mostly, the kids just wanted to play baseball though.

There was also a little bit of Harley lovin' going on.

The turkey was ready sooner than I expected, which was nice. The whole dinner was really easy to make and not at all stressful. So I must not have done it right.

We spent the night playing a little Rock Band (Beatles style). The kiddos helped us play for a while, then decided that grown ups were boring and that they'd rather watch a movie. (Seriously, it's Caleb's favorite thing to do.)

Thanks Jill for coming to see us! We loved having you and your family over.


Patti said...

Cute Harley picture :)
Why was Caleb not happy in that one picture?
I love the way Caleb holds his bat! That boy was taught right!
You didn't learn non-stress from your mother.
I'll bet you wouldn't have cooked the feast either if you didn't have company. I didn't, so I didn't. Therefore, no stress here either!

Jill said...

We had such a great time too - thanks for inviting us!