Saturday, July 21, 2007

Four months old

Today Caleb turned four months old. It's hard to imagine that he's already so big. I remember when he was like six weeks old and how hard that age was. We asked several people we know with kids when the baby would start to be fun, since six weeks just wasn't fun. We got several different answers (it seems the less interaction dads have with their babies, the longer it is till they think babies are fun), but the most popular seemed to be not until three months. At the time, I felt like Caleb would never get there. And now here he is, four months old, and so much fun.

To celebrate his birthday (month day?), Caleb decided he wanted to sleep and eat all day. I know, vastly different from every other day, right? I didn't mind, since that meant that I got to read Harry Potter all day. I tried really hard to pay attention to Caleb when he was awake, but at least I got to read the first few hundred pages.

Caleb really is getting cuter and cuter. When he first started smiling, it took so much effort to get a smile out of him. In a way, it was more rewarding since all that hard work payed off so beautifully. Now, all I have to do sometimes is look at him and say hi and I get a smile in response. Which is way better than all that work. And even though he's bigger now and doesn't need to be held all the time, he's still a really cuddly baby, which I love. Whether I've trained him that way, or whether he came preprogrammed to cuddle, I don't know. But I wanted a cuddly baby and we definitely have one.


Patti said...

Everyday I am amazed at how cute Caleb is getting. The picture you posted for four months is SO cute! Please send it to me at my gmail account so I can get a printable copy. I miss you guys!!!
Love, Mama
PS, you didn't skip to the end of the book to see who dies, did you? I know you wouldn't do that.