Monday, January 4, 2010

Our Hanukkah Christmas

This year, we celebrated Christmas so many times, I think next year we'll have to switch to Hanukkah just to keep our child as entertained.

Christmas Number One: We were bored and I thought it was silly that we had so many toys waiting to be played with, so I decided we should open one. Caleb was delighted and loved his new game.

Christmas Number Two: We decided to open all our presents early since we were going out of town for the holidays. And since we weren't going to take the new toys with us, we opened them when we still had a week left in Arizona so we could enjoy them all. Caleb did great opening all his gifts and loved each and every one of them.

Christmas Number Three: at the Crowleys. Caleb didn't care at all that Naomi's present was super huge while his was rather small. Especially since he got a toy he had really really wanted (a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse phone) while Naomi got boring clothes.

Christmas Number Four: We stayed with Brandon's brother Rick and his family in California. They open all their presents on Christmas eve, so we joined in. Since we had opened the majority of our presents in Arizona, Caleb didn't have a whole lot to open, but that didn't stop him from trying. I spent most of the night having to tell him not to open everyone else's presents. Fortunately, Aiden let Caleb open a lot of his presents, seeing as how he's only five months old and his little fingers got tired of opening presents after a while. Caleb was more than willing to take over for him.

Christmas Number Five: Christmas morning we drove down to Irvine to have brunch with my family. Caleb had a good time playing with his cousins and thought Tiana's toys were way better than eating. When it came time to open presents, Caleb was the first one up.

Christmas Number Six: After that we drove up to Chino Hills to have Christmas with Brandon's parents. Caleb's cousin Trevor had already opened all his presents, and Rick's family hadn't arrived yet, so Caleb got to open his gifts with no competition. Every gift was for him and he was in unwrapping heaven once again.

Christmas Number Seven: We didn't make it up to St. George to see my mom, so she sent Caleb's presents down to Chino for us to open. When Caleb first saw them, he got really excited that there was a basketball (unwrapped) in the mix. I asked him if he wanted to open his presents and he told me no, he wanted to go play with toys. Apparently seven Christmases is one too many. Eventually though, after he got his toy fix, he did come down and open his presents and was very excited about everything he got. He's got the routine down now -- open a present, take a moment to look to see what it is and ooh and aah over it, then hand it to mom and start on the next. And it no longer phases his when he asks if we can open something to play with it and I say not now. He just moves on to the next one.

So whether it was one Christmas or seven, we had a very merry Christmas indeed and hope you did too.


Patti said...

thanks for posting new pix. My finger is sliced off which makes typing hard, so just know I loved all your posts.
You went back to W.V.? Ugh.

Lindsey said...

Wow, he made off with quite a load this year! Lucky boy! I LOVE Elefun, such a blast for both children and adults alike : )

Jill said...

some of those gifts for caleb looked so familiar :)

Crowley Family said...

7 Christmases is way more fun than 1. You'll just have to wrap up some of his toys he already has for next year that way he can unwrap lots of gifts. We miss you guys tons!

Cheryl said...

Loved all the new pics and commentary on your Christmases. Very fun!