Monday, January 18, 2010

Random California

Here are a few more random pictures from while we were in California over the holidays. I think they were all taken Christmas eve during the day time. Or at least, that's what folder I put them in on my computer.

Caleb loved his Uncle Rick so very much. Even now that we're back in Arizona, he still asks if we can go to Uncle Rick's house.

Caleb learned to play the Wii while we were there. Normally if we're playing while he's around, we'll give him a remote that isn't on, or one of the wheels for Mario Kart, and let him think he's playing when he's not playing at all. In California, he not only got to use a remote that was on, but learned how to push all the necessary buttons in order to play the games he wanted.

He loved having so many people to play with all the time. He has a hard time with names and considering how many people we were around, it was impressive to me which names he did learn. Phil (below) was one of the first ones to stick in his name memory. Last night I asked Caleb a great multitude of questions, one of which was who his favorite cousin was. He answered without hesitation, "Mark" which surprised me since Mark was one of the names he struggled to remember, getting it right half the time and not being able to remember the other half.

A picture of Harley doing what he spends most of his life doing.

I've become addicted to Facebook and often neglect my blog (as if that even needed to be said -- it's evident by the lack of posting that this blog is neglected). Here are a few pictures I took while we were in California that you would have already seen if we're friends on Facebook. But for those of you who aren't part of the addiction, here you go.