Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Christmas Eve

We spent Christmas eve with Brandon's brother Rick and his family. To start off our night, we all went to church for their Christmas service. In case you don't want to count how many people are in the picture, there was fourteen of us (including me, even though I'm not in the picture).

After church, we came home and got dinner ready.

Not everyone helped. Some spent the time playing. (That same someone has become quite the expert at the Wii while we've been in California and can play several games without any assistance. Pushes the right buttons and everything.)

And some slept.

At last, the feast was prepared and we all chowed down. Caleb ate nothing but rolls.

Brandon's brother Lane read the story of the candy cane, then Sarah read The Three Trees (but somehow escaped having her picture taken while reading it -- at least by me) while the rest of us listened intently.

The baby needed a change before we started opening presents. I suggested we take some family photos while we waited. I had lots of grand plans of all the pictures I wanted to take, but apparently changing a diaper doesn't take as long as family photos, so we only got a few.

Since I've already posted way too many pictures of Caleb opening presents, here are a few of other people opening their gifts.

I'm told that the majority of them stayed up into the wee hours of the morning playing with all the new presents. Caleb and I went to bed though so we missed out on the craziness.