Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Last week, something happened that made me cry all day long. We buzzed my child's head. If you know Caleb (or even frequent our blog), you know he has crazy hair. His hair is always sticking up in weird ways. Strangers comment on his crazy hair all the time. Everyone loves it, despite its craziness, probably because of its craziness. But in an effort to tame the crazy, we buzzed it.

I left the room halfway through because I was crying. It was worse than the first time we ever cut his hair (and he was seventeen months then). The rest of the day, whenever I looked at my bald baby, I started crying again. He's just not my little baby anymore.

But I'm getting used to it.

Yesterday, Caleb and I went to the park across the street from our current home so that I could take pictures of the new hairdo. Well, that's why I went and why I suggested to him that we go to the park. Caleb, of course, simply thought we were there to play.

The first thing he wanted to play on was the seesaw/teeter totter.

Now on to the rest of the toys.

Caleb loves to swing "higher." He laughs and laughs and keeps asking me to push him higher until he almost falls out of the swing.

The thing he's standing on in the pictures below is a bouncy thing. This is the first one I've seen at a playground. Caleb loved it.

When we first buzzed it, I was sure he was no longer cute. I still feel that way to some degree. It used to be that he'd get into trouble but then get right back out of trouble because he was so darn cute. Now when he gets in trouble, he stays in trouble. But I'm getting used to the haircut and I still think he's cute. Just not in a cute baby way. Or even a cute toddler way. He's a cute boy now.


Mia said...

I completely understand! Edward's first cut was badly needed, but I just couldn't stand to part with his curls. So John took him. When I came home from work that night and saw his little sleeping head without them, I sat in his room and bawled my eyes out.

I've gotten used to it, but have forbidden buzz cuts at our house. I just love my boys' hair!

Laura Read said...

He does look cute still. It's okay for him to look like a boy now, because he is almost three afterall! Can you believe it?

Patti said...

Those photos are much better than the ones you sent me via the phone. He is still cute!

Bekah said...

He is beautiful. He has the prettiest eyes and lips. Great pictures. I have seen one of these bouncy things at a park here in CA. I don't get it!