Sunday, February 7, 2010

My Little Slugger

Caleb's been taking a baseball class for about a month now. It's once a week, a little earlier in the morning than I would like, but he absolutely loves it. Whenever we remind him that he has his baseball class the next day, he says, "With my boys?"

Here they are sitting in the "dugout" doing their stretches. Caleb is sitting next to the coach. There's a lot of parent involvement in this class just because the kids are so young.

They run bases, do fielding drills, and practice throwing. It's a class of two year olds so it's basically semi-organized chaos. But Caleb has learned a lot.

Caleb bats left handed. He has since the very first day we put a bat in his hand and taught him to hit. (Well, we taught him right handed and he hit that way for maybe an hour of his life. But then that same day decided left handed was the way for him.) His swing is weird since taking baseball class. He does real good at getting his back elbow up, but then somehow, maybe he's trying too hard to remember what he was taught, but his swing just looks so unnatural now.

When all else fails and the kids are too distracted or just uninterested in playing anymore, the coach gets out the hula hoops. Every time Caleb sees the hula hoops, he always goes running back out to play. In fact, today, Brandon told Caleb to go get the very best toy from his room for them to play together. Caleb went running down the hall shouting behind him, "I'm gonna get my hula hoop."


Patti said...

His swing looks weird because his hands are too close to his body. He'll learn spacing soon enough. I thought it was funny that he was wearing a basketball shirt while playing baseball. When he starts playing baseball for real, I'm going to have to come stay with you for the whole season so I won't miss any of his games. You ready for that???