Sunday, February 7, 2010

Devil Love

When Caleb was eleven months old, we went on a cruise to the Caribbean. One of our stops was the Cayman Islands where we visited the town of Hell and bought Caleb the smallest sized t-shirt we could find while we were there. The shirt seemed so huge, I thought our child would never fit it. Low and behold, never has arrived.

I wanted to take pictures for Valentine's Day. When I asked Caleb if we could go outside and take pictures, he said no. So I took Harley outside instead. Naturally, Caleb followed us out and when Harley proved to be a terrible model, Caleb jumped in to help him.

Caleb says all the time, "Harley, you're my best friend." Which makes me so glad we got a puppy.


Patti said...

How can that giant shirt fit him? When did he get so big? His hair is starting to grow a little bit!