Saturday, February 20, 2010

Behind the Love

The week before Valentine's, Caleb and I had a little love shoot. I had these great intentions to make Valentine cards. Which didn't happen. Well, Naomi got a card, and Brandon, but that was about all.

The winning shot:

Love that photo. It was the sixth picture I took (out of 37). But since there are more, I thought you'd like to see a little behind the scenes into how we take pictures around here.

The first one here is my favorite of the rejected pictures. I just love how hard he's trying to get his fingers to do the right thing. For all these pictures, we're standing just outside our front door. The above picture I was in front of the house, with him looking out toward me, while all the pictures below, I was closer to the house and he was looking back in toward me. You can totally tell a difference in the light.

Love that boy.


The R.O.C. said...

I love that boy too.