Wednesday, February 10, 2010

At the Zoo

We went to the zoo with Liz and Naomi. (Some other friends came too but they left early once it started to rain on us -- about when we got to the baboons.)

Yesterday, we'd looked up the weather and of course, today was the only day this week that it was supposed to rain. Fortunately, it only rained on us for maybe fifteen minutes. Maybe less. And not too heavy either. So we stuck it out and spent about four hours at the zoo.

During the rainy part of the day though, we decided to stop and eat lunch and see if the rain was going to stop or not. Which it did. By then we had already seen a good number of animals, so I figured it was about time that I finally took a picture of the kids.

While we were eating lunch, there were several peacocks just roaming the lunch area looking for food.

Why is it that kids think it's funny to run away from you? Caleb's pretty good at stopping when I yell to him. He'll actually wait for me if I holler at him that I can't see him anymore.

Sitting on top of a statue of a komodo dragon.

Looking at the rhinoceros iguana.

Of course, there's always a point in the day where I say to my child go sit over there and look at me and smile.

Checking out the Andean condor.

Their favorite part of the zoo was definitely pushing the buttons.

I said something super witty like, "What's over there?" and both kids turned to look at me. I'm seriously brilliant behind a camera.

Caleb's showing me where the pronghorns are.

Looking for the Mexican Wolf, which we never found.

Tricking them to look at me yet again.

It was at this point that we figured out a trick to get Naomi to smile for the camera. More on that later...


FoxFamily said...

Caleb and Naomi sure are cute. It'll be so fun to see them dating later!!! :-) Be sure to blog about that in a few years, okay Karen? We miss you and haven't heard from you in a while. happy day!

Patti said...

Yeah there are a couple photos here that will work well for their wedding video!

Crowley Family said...

The zoo was so fun! I wish Naomi would stop when I yelled for her too. I feel like I've tried everything (nice, not-so-nice, making it a game by saying freeze) but nothing works. Oh well :)