Monday, February 8, 2010

At the Park with Naomi

Saturday night, we babysat Naomi. She was a little sad that her parents were leaving to have fun without her, so we thought we ought to have some fun too. She really wanted to go outside (probably in hopes that she'd catch her parents before they left, but we stalled just long enough). Off to the park we went.

It was so fun having both Caleb and Naomi there. They love playing with one another. And they keep each other so occupied and entertained, that all I have to do is sit and take pictures of them. (In fact, a little before we left the park, it was starting to get dark, so I'd quit taking pictures and Caleb insisted that I needed to come take their picture.)

First up, Naomi wanted to swing. So then Caleb wanted to swing too. They thought it was especially funny when I stood in between the two of them and pretended like they were going to get me (which they never managed).

Caleb was done with swinging long before Naomi. So while she kept on, he found other things to play with.

Once Naomi was finally done swinging, they played together chasing dogs around, playing on the toys, and trying to capture Harley.

Naomi couldn't get up on the seesaw on her own, so Caleb helped her.

Harley was exhausted by the time the kids stopped chasing him. For a little guy, he runs really fast.


Patti said...

Way cute! Are they betrothed yet?