Monday, January 18, 2010

Soccer at the Park

The last week we were in California, Caleb and I went to the park a lot. Everyone in the house was sick, and since I was one of two (possibly three -- out of like sixteen) who didn't get sick, I figured we needed the fresh air. Not to mention, the weather was nice and warm during the day time.

We often took Caleb's new little soccer ball. We'd usually start out kicking the ball around before Caleb got distracted by the slides and other toys.

On to the slide. Even Harley joined in on the fun.

Some days, there were tons of other kids playing at the park too. Caleb LOVES other kids, especially if they are older than he is. He always wants them to play with him. He shows no fear going up to other children and asking them to play, or simply joining in on the game. Now he's come to believe that there should always be children at the park and is disappointed if we go to the park and we're the only ones there.


Patti said...

You got some really fabulous shots! And Caleb is so big! I need to see that boy again soon!!!!