Friday, November 26, 2010


For Thanksgiving, we had dinner at the Crowley's house. I was in charge of making mashed potatoes, so I used Pioneer Woman's recipe (which I also made for last Thanksgiving). Once Caleb got all his food, he was really only interested in eating the rolls and a tiny bit of turkey. I insisted that he try the potatoes, since he likes potatoes (or at least french fries) and I had made these ones. He took the tiniest taste, decided they were delicious (which they were) and ate the rest on his plate, then asked for more.

Caleb and Naomi got their own little table to eat at, just the two of them.

Caleb being silly:

Here's a look at everyone else that was there: Amy, Craig, Liz, Cory's mom and stepdad, Cory, and Brandon. And my nice plate of food.

Inspired by Charlie Brown, Caleb had been saying for a while that he likes pumpkin pie. So when pie time came, I made sure to get him a slice of pumpkin pie. Not only would he not eat it, or try it, he couldn't be bothered to stop watching football long enough to pose in a picture with me and the pie.