Thursday, January 6, 2011

The New Sunbeam

Sunday was Caleb's first day as a Sunbeam! I can't believe he is old enough to be a sunbeam. I wanted to cry when I took him up to the front row of the chapel to sit with his new class. Of course, he was all smiles. His whole class was, in fact, while all around them other kids were bawling. But not the sunbeams.

After church, I made sure to get a picture to capture my brand new, all grown up, Sunbeam.

Caleb's idea of having his picture taken these days includes the use of his chair. Even though I opened the front door so we could get some light and told him to come over to me, he grabbed his chair and dragged it toward the front door. Then proceeded to pose for me:

This next one I had to take multiple times because Caleb deemed my early attempts a complete misrepresentation of his artistic style (i.e. I didn't get the foot sticking up in the frame):

And lest you think my child is an angel, here he is in true monster form:


Patti said...

There's nothing monster about him. I love that boy!
His hair makes me think he should be a musician. Any possibilities of him going that route?

Bekah said...

Great monster face.

I LOVE SUNBEAMS! Sorry you're not ready but I love Sunbeams. I teach them every week, or sometimes they teach me, but they make me smile. We have so much fun. I hope that he has great experiences with his teacher and class also.