Thursday, April 28, 2011

We Need Boy Friends

Three nights ago, as Caleb and I were in the midst of the bedtime process, he said to me, "I'm in love with four girls." So I asked him who the four girls were. He held up a finger for each one as he counted, "Karen, Naomi, Grace." Then he realized that he'd only named three girls (one of which was his mommy) and looked to me for help in figuring out who the fourth girl is that he's in love with. So I named a couple girls that he knows. He then decided he loved them all and held up all ten of his fingers to show all the girls he loves. Included on the list of ten (though I'm not sure there were actually ten) was Nana and Mommy (again).

Then last night, as we're laying in bed, he tells me that tomorrow he's going to get married (meaning today now). He tells me that when he's big he's going to get married and live next to me but right now he's little and four so as a four boy he's going to marry Sophie, Grace, Naomi and Mommy.

"That's a lot of girls to marry," I told him. "I think you should only marry girls that are nice."

He decided that I still qualified for the list because I'm mostly nice and only sometimes mean.

Then he continued with his list, adding Camryn and Nana. (I feel like there were more but I don't remember them now and I just asked him again who he was going to marry and he didn't mention any more -- though he's rather into the idea of marrying Nana so that she'll have to come live with us.)

Apparently we have a lot of play dates with girls. When do girls get cooties? Because if he loves this many girls when he's four, how many is he going to love when he's fourteen?


Laura Read said...

Mom is going to love this!
Caleb is a sweet boy

Patti said...

Yes, Mom liked that story!