Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Driving to Utah

Sunday, May 29th, Caleb and I drove up to Utah and met my mom in St. George before continuing on the next day to her other house in West Jordan. The drive went really fast, despite the fact that I drove within 5 miles of the speed limit the whole time. I decided to drive up through Las Vegas instead of going around the Grand Canyon the other way and I think it helped to have definite milestones along the way.

Caleb, of course, was a total trooper. The kid loves to pee on the side of the road. Prefers it to stopping at a gas station and using an actual toilet. Which makes our stops really fast. We did stop in Vegas to get gas and while we were there, Caleb decided the car needed a little cleaning before we continued on our way.

All in all, the drive to my mom's house in Santa Clara (a suburb of St. George) from our house in Queen Creek took only seven hours, including the time we were stopped in Vegas. Not too bad, I say.