Saturday, February 28, 2009


The reason I love photography is because my baby is
1. So darn cute
and 2. Extremely photogenic.

He's seriously so easy to get a cute picture out of.

Sometimes I convince myself that I love photography in general and not just photographing my own kid. Sometimes, when I'm under such a delusion, I offer to photograph other people as well.

One such couple is Kamila and Wyatt. Right after they got engaged, I volunteered to take some engagement photos for them, figuring that if they didn't turn out well, they could always hire someone to do it for real.

Then as the big day drew near (for me, their big day isn't till May), I started to have a panic attack. I mean, Caleb's SO EASY. How could I kid myself into thinking I could take a decent picture of someone besides Caleb. I'm only an expert at photographing Caleb. What was I thinking!!!

But I sucked it up and didn't cancel on them, reminding myself time and time again, that the worst thing that could happen would be that they'd have to hire an actual photographer. No biggie. There's still two plus months till their wedding. They have time.

As we drove to our first location, they told me they'd had a friend take some "normal" type engagement photos, you know, with them just sitting there next to one another and smiling, and that the pictures hadn't turned out too hot. They tried to tell me they just weren't photogenic people.

Did I mention that I have an EXTREMELY photogenic baby? Okay, just checking.

Well, I've decided they were completely lying to me. People in love are so easy to take pictures of. And so much fun. Or at least it's true of these two. They had me laughing the whole time we were together.

Here are a few of my favorites. (And have I mentioned recently that my favorite thing about taking non-Caleb pictures is playing with them in photoshop? I just love the faded look. Maybe I should edit some of Caleb wearing his pearl hat with the faded look...or not.)

And my absolute favorite:

Now Kamila and Wyatt, if you hate them, that's okay. There's still time...

But I had a lot of fun (especially since I was baby-free for two whole hours) and I think I'm officially one step closer to realizing it's okay to come out of your comfort zone (now and again).


Fox Family said...

Your absolute favorite is my absolute favorite. Karen you are so good at photography!! Those are great!

Laura Read said...

I think you're ready to start making some money!!!! Want to come take my engagement photos???

Kamila said...

These are way cute! Thank you so much for taking them! I can't wait to see the rest!

Felicia said...

I think they look great!

Patti said...

You have awesome skills. I just wish I could have been watching Caleb for you instead of doing what I was doing.

Lesley Wright said...

You did it! You took great pictures of someone other than Caleb. They turned out great! You still do take great pictures of Caleb too. He is so cute.

Brandon said...

Not to be too proud or anything but... Yeah it was my wife that took these awesome pictures. Props!!!

By the way, I think your sister is on to something with the making money thing. You are good!!!