Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Our Little Rock Star

I think these videos of Caleb (taken on my cell phone) are hilarious. We were playing with the Wii guitars the other day. Caleb loves music. He loves to dance. He loves to sing. But he especially loves playing the guitar. And the drums. He's our little rock star.

Though, when the cameras come out (yes, he knows that when we get our phone out and hold it up, that we're really taking a picture of him), he doesn't like to perform. So it takes a moment in the first video, and then he gets a little shy in the second video when he realizes that I'm filming him. But this is my cutie.

(He's singing "I Like to Move it" from the Madagascar movie. We sing it all the time and change the words around. If we sing "I like the Caleb, Caleb," then he'll sing "I like the Mommy, Mommy" or Daddy or whoever.)


Laura Read said...

That's funny that he completely takes the guitar off when he notices you. Kids are often camera shy, aren't they! Agnes starts talking in a baby voice if she notices that I'm taking video of her. Silly kids.

Patti said...

I like the Caleb, Caleb!

Chuck said...

Hello. A friend from your past seeks your current contact info (email)... Feel free to erase this after if you want.