Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Hodgepodge of Caleb

With summer officially over (though the weather in Arizona disagrees), here's a myriad of images that never made the blog. Cute kid plus love for camera equals way too many pictures. So why not post them?

May 1, 2009:

This toy car ride is located outside the ghetto grocery store we typically shopped at. I quickly learned to park my car on the opposite side of the parking lot so that Caleb would never even see the ride. Because if he saw it, he wanted it, and fights typically ensued.

May 17, 2009:

May 23, 2009:

Playing in the toys at the mall. Any time we would go to the mall, Caleb asked for the toys. The car was his favorite, of course.

June 23, 2009:

June 25, 2009:

June 28, 2009:

July 19, 2009:

August 17, 2009:

Caleb loves to box. Hitting's not allowed in our home, but boxing is, mostly because we only fake box and don't actually hit each other when boxing.