Saturday, September 5, 2009

Nora's Birthday Party

The reason we went down to California was to celebrate Nora's fifth birthday. She had a cooking party at her grandma's house. The kids decorated their own aprons and hats, made breadsticks and their own mini pizzas, and played lots of cooking games.

I thought Caleb would have a lot of fun, since not only does he love cooking and especially pizza, but he really loves older kids. Apparently, a dozen kids is about ten or eleven too many for him, so he wanted nothing to do with the party unless none of the other kids were around.

All Caleb really wanted to do was play in the toy room. He kept dragging me in there and shutting the door behind us so that nobody would bother us. Then he'd get out all the dishes and pour us each a drink. Who says tea parties are just for girls?

The only game Caleb did want to play with all the kids was the one involving doughnuts. In case you didn't notice the chocolate all over his face in the previous photos, this wasn't his first doughnut of the evening.

At least he seems to enjoy his cousins more these days. He and Agnes had a blast with the marshmallow shooter, although neither of them were quite strong enough to get the marshmallows to shoot out.

And lastly, as is the case at most family functions these days, my camera seems to be in love with this sweet boy: